My story. My motivation. My reason.


This little person  came onto the scene of my life and has changed it for the better.
I won’t go into details of the hows and whys and whos…I’ll start at I’m a single parent and a teacher.
I want more for my daughter not just things (she has a crap load of material things) I want her to experience life and I was struggling to provide her those experiences. I would sign her up for extra curricular activities and stop because I couldn’t afford to keep it up. I was beginning to feel like I was holding her back because I was single parent struggling on a teacher’s salary.
I packed us up from SC to MD. Still struggled. Went from public school to private school….major struggle.
One day I had enough…there was no way you were gonna make me believe that I was gonna struggle for the rest of my life and then have the cycle repeat itself with my child.
January 2016 I began….well let me back up. June 2015 I had the thought to go overseas. I had tossed the idea around a few times before but thought it was crazy to pack up with just me and the kid. So I got scared and stayed put. June 2015 I resigned from a toxic work place and had no idea what I was gonna do. I started my application for a recruitment company but once again got scared and didn’t finish. Then I ended up in the private sector. Love my job hate my pay.
I hated struggling. Maxed out all my credit cards. Broke a lease. Took out two personal loans. I was drowning with no life line in sight.

I looked again at overseas. I PRAYED and hard. Even thought of fasting. I believed but did I have the faith. Would I trust God to guide my steps down the path He wanted me to be on. Apparently from my track record doing things my way wasn’t working. So I finally completed my application with a recruitment company. I was called for a preliminary interview for a school in Kuwait….wait Jesus I’m not ready or prepared for Kuwait. I had done all my research in the UAE. ALL my Facebook groups were about the UAE. I prayed again. Then I got nervous what if I don’t get a job overseas…I can’t put all my eggs in one basket. So I applied to the public schools in NOVA (northern VA) went to two recruitment fairs for VA looked at apartments in both districts. Prayed some more. Overseas or VA. Trust God. The public schools in the UAE didn’t have any vacancies for the 2016-2016-2017 school year for KG (kindergarten) the school in Kuwait was not gonna move forward. Door after door was starting to shut in my face. I was becoming discouraged. Time was ticking on my lease renewal options  (I have to give 60 days if I plan to vacate) Nothing was happening in VA. No follow ups were happening overseas. I had already told my principal I was not returning. I couldn’t afford to return. I needed more money. Rent was going up. I had no room in my life for an emergency of any kind. Debt was piling up and was going into collections one by one. I wanted better but didn’t know how.
One day I chatted with someone on Facebook who lead me to a paid recruitment service. Money was tight. How bad did I want to do this? Was I willing to trust God? I paid the 40 bucks filled out the necessary information. 5 interviews in one week. Wait Jesus this is actually happening. Please Lord let the right school provide an offer. 5 schools. 4 in Kuwait 1 in the UAE. All private schools. All were going to provide for me and the kid.
Okay Jesus Kuwait keeps coming up for a reason. One follow up interview. One day later came the job offer.
1. Tax free salary
2. Fully furnished apartment
3. Accommodations paid
4. Flight paid for both of us
5. Insurance
6. Paid summer leave
7. Tuition covered
8. Did I mention tax free salary
9. Only thing I gotta do is pay for food and any bills back home
10. Did I mention tax free salary

My pressure went up. It took me all day to decide. I sent the email confirming and accepting the offer the next morning. I had already been in contact with someone who works at the school via Facebook. I placed in God’s hand and I am now making plans to go to Kuwait in August. I am at peace with my decision. Now to make a checklist of things to do to make this a smooth transition  (well as smooth as possible)

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