Panic attack much

But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.
Isaiah 40:31 NKJV

Okay so this scripture has nothing to do with my post. I love this verse though.

So last night I received an email with my travel itinerary. …..and breath.
Yes I had a mild panic attack. Yes it took me a couple of hours to respond back.
Life just got real for me and my daughter. I started cleaning and packing. I have two weekends left in Maryland and South Carolina here I come.
I reserved my uhaul trailer…yep another panic attack.
I packed away our winter clothes I’m keeping at my mom’s house (as I type this I’m asking myself why because I’m not visiting during the winter months but I’m one of those just in case something happens kinda people so I packed it away. I may change my mind before June 17….any who)
I went to T-mobile to switch…..that was an experience in and of itself…..yep another panic attack and not just the price either.
Went grocery shopping and started thinking I only need about two weeks worth of food don’t over do it….yep you guessed it panic attack.
There is a part of me that wants this over and done with and there is a part of me that is like wait slow down I’m not ready.
Then I remember that if I wait till I’m ready I’ll never be ready.


I’m taking deep breaths. I’m checking things off my list one thing at a time. I’m gonna chill out with the panic attacks 😁😁😁😁😁.
My hand and faith is in GOD and I know I’m gonna be okay.

Something so simple


A while back a simple post was made in one the Facebook groups I am in about a key chain.
It was something along the lines of new beginnings……Okay I went and looked it up and here is the direct quote

It just occurred to me that when I board the plane, I will not be taking any keys with me, so I just bought a new key chain to open all of the new doors I will get to open (literally and figuratively).

I went on a key chain hunt. I wanted something that spoke to me and remind me of home. I am from South Carolina but I live in Maryland. So that got me thinking and making this key chain idea more compliacted. How else can I start my new chapter and have my daughter share the experience and make it our own little family tradition…….
So while I’m looking for a key chain I thought of a charm bracelet.
What better way to show and share your experience. To be able to look down at your wrist and have memories jogged by a simple charm. To look at your wrist and smile or cry or get mad. To say hey I remember when I got this charm and have a story to tell that captivates your audience.
I have always wanted one and I wanted to get one for my daughter when she turned 5. Well here we are and neither one of us have one yet.
I will purchase us each a charm bracelet to begin our new chapter in life and add charms that speak to us while we travel and learn this great big Planet called Earth.
I want each of out charms to have a story. I want her and I both to start a journal. My blog had become mine of sorts but I will purchase us a travel journal of sorts to express ourselves.
I want our story to be passed down to generation to generation.


Holy Smokes Batman…..

And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body; and be thankful.
Colossians 3:15

This scripture was my daily scripture passage for today and two things jumped out me peace and thankful.

Sometimes when I make decisions it doesn’t seem right and I’m restless and I beg God to make it right or provide me peace. I have learned that when I’m restless about a decision it usually means I’m not following the will of God and He’s making restless so that I seek Him for guidance.
When I wanted to leave and go overseas and finally received that offer I’ve been at peace and I have had a thankful heart.

This morning I woke up ready to face the day. I checked my phone and I had email notification. It was from my new school overseas. Subject: Airline Tickets and residency process.

Holy Smokes Batman

this is really happening.

I took a deep breath and I read the email.
Fingerprints ✔
Degree found and at my house ✔
Now I wait on the results so that I can get them authenticated.
Let me quickly explain this madness called authentication
1. You receive a list of things to authenticate
2. You get those documents notarized
3. You got to the state and national levels to get them authenticated
Bottom line they wanna make sure you are who you say you, you don’t have a criminal record, and you are not falsifying documents and lying to people.
It costs money and it time consuming because you have to go all over the land or pay someone else to do all the leg work for you.
I’m gonna try to all the leg work myself but if I get into a bid I’m sending them documents to someone else and pay the extra money.

Happy Mother’s Day


I love my family and I love my mom.

So the word is spreading like wildfire through the family that I’m leaving in August  and let’s just say many have to be  talked off the ledge and I’m sure a few want to grab a straight jacket and have me committed.

Thank God for my mama and the fact that I have eased her fears and concerns so she is able to ease others.

She had some mild questions today like cell phone and bank information.
Thank God that was my list this week to iron out the details with that. I have already looked into switching carriers and I will go to my bank and ask questions.

I love that those around me are concerned and most of their concern comes from the unknown.

I didn’t wake up one day and decide to do this. I took time and consideration to research the areas I was looking at and the schools I applied to.

I got excited all over again today getting things together. I’ve slowly started to clean out my closet of things I won’t wear again in life.

My dear friend and I went to lunch after church and the bill comes and she snatches it from and says this your going
away meal. Happy Mother’s Day to me.
Sometimes we get so caught up in ourselves and forget to stop and see that our lives are connected to those around us……I’ll provide more information in a later post about friends especially my friend that brought me to Maryland.

My adventure and next chapter is only beginning…….

Where in the world?

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
Genesis 1:1 NKJV


South Carolina born and raised.
High school I wanted to leave and never look back. Well joke was on me. Went of to NC three hours away and lasted one semester. Cried to come back home. I was not bout this life.
Went back home. Got a job and went to the local community college. I was wondering around aimlessly. I knew this wasn’t it for me but I had no idea what I was doing. Somewhere along the line I got the idea to move an hour and half up the road. I was still in SC but I was able to flex my wings and this time I was 25 and not 18. Life happened got pregnant came back home. I felt suffocated. I was not meant to live and die in SC. Fast forward to 2014 one month before my 33 birthday.


Yep moved all way to MD. Never thought about MD. Wanted NC but the way the education system is setup in that state I couldn’t do it and survive as a single parent. Thought about VA. Saw myself in VA beach my supervisor was from there talked about going back. Filled the application. But first year teachers have it tough securing a job. Then my cousin’s sister in law told me about MD. Came up for a recruitment fair and BAM packed my kid up and moved.
I was still unsettled. I wanted more. MD was not my end spot. I looked at overseas but how could I? I’m a single parent. I’m a teacher. Are you crazy? I buried the thought. I became afraid of leaving everything and everyone. First year of teaching I cried more than I smiled. Left public school took a pay cut went to private school. I smiled more than I cried.
Still wasn’t settled. Something kept nagging at me.


Yep. August 2016 I’m moving to Kuwait. It was not on my map of places to teach.
Really have seen where it’s located


Yep smack dab in the middle of Iraq and Iran. UGH! So I had to research not just for myself but so I could answer the questions I knew would come my way. For what’s it’s worth it’s pretty doggone safe. It will be a culture shock. But hey anything outside of the US will be.


I prefer to focus on the positives cause Lord knows negative thinking will kill ya. Yes I’m scared but I’m more excited than scared. I’m not letting the fact that I’m a single parent or a teacher hold me hostage. I serve a God who said if I have a faith of a mustard seed I can move mountains. I’m trusting God to guide me through this journey and my life.