Happy Mother’s Day


I love my family and I love my mom.

So the word is spreading like wildfire through the family that I’m leaving in August  and let’s just say many have to be  talked off the ledge and I’m sure a few want to grab a straight jacket and have me committed.

Thank God for my mama and the fact that I have eased her fears and concerns so she is able to ease others.

She had some mild questions today like cell phone and bank information.
Thank God that was my list this week to iron out the details with that. I have already looked into switching carriers and I will go to my bank and ask questions.

I love that those around me are concerned and most of their concern comes from the unknown.

I didn’t wake up one day and decide to do this. I took time and consideration to research the areas I was looking at and the schools I applied to.

I got excited all over again today getting things together. I’ve slowly started to clean out my closet of things I won’t wear again in life.

My dear friend and I went to lunch after church and the bill comes and she snatches it from and says this your going
away meal. Happy Mother’s Day to me.
Sometimes we get so caught up in ourselves and forget to stop and see that our lives are connected to those around us……I’ll provide more information in a later post about friends especially my friend that brought me to Maryland.

My adventure and next chapter is only beginning…….

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