Two down…so much more to go

Okay so I’ve completed move number one and documents are being authenticated. (I broke down and acid someone else to complete the last two steps for me. Moving had me stressed. Ramadan added to the stress. Let someone else deal with it.)

So as I sit here in my mama house my main goal is to not go stir crazy in SC.
Honestly there is not much to do. It’s hot and sightseeing is not free like DC.

I have school assignments to keep me busy. I have to purge my things at my mama house.
I declare I am a pack rat and I need help. I got crap from high school and I graduated in 1999. Somethings I want to keep because they hold special memories and besides social media wasn’t around and all I got are memories from stuff.
When I’m old and gray I want to be able to look back on life and say hey give me that I remember what happened that day or smile at the memory because I want to keep Somethings to myself.
I still have things on my to do list but at least it’s getting shorter and not longer. Gonna take a couple of weeks to relax.
56 more days.

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