I bought luggage 

I have looked and priced luggage for about 2 months now. 

I have been on both airlines to check my baggage allowance. 

I have signed up for various airline frequent flyer miles.

I have signed up for various hotel rewards programs.

I have paced myself and tried to remain calm but something in me just wasn’t ready to swipe my card to purchase my luggage. 

They are now sitting in the room I NEVER go in. 

I was not prepared for the range of emotions I’m going through right now. I really want to scream. Not in a bad way it’s more like okay let’s get this show on the road. I swear my daughter would pack EVERYTHING right now of I told her to. 

I’m happy she’s excited but there are moments I just want to curl up in a ball and just twinkle my nose and magically appear in Kuwait or at least magically pack these bags. 

I try and stay busy but it’s kinda hard when I’m not working and it’s WAY too hot to be outside. 

Until next time………

2 thoughts on “I bought luggage 

  1. Jennifer Leach says:

    I ordered a luggage set from Amazon and it was delivered last night. I still haven’t begun packing, hopefully I won’t procrastinate like I always do. My goal is to be fully packed by August 9th, I’m set to leave on August 16th. I’m still waiting on my ticket, I guess once I receive it, it will inspire me to get moving. Lol!


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