Luggage! Baggage allowance 

What they didn’t tell you about this whole let’s move across the globe and teach internationally…….you will measure and weigh luggage to make sure it’s within the correct baggage allowance that is free.

I thought this would be the simple part of moving…..WRONG! 

See if you’ve flown domestically pretty much the standard rule applies. 

You go internationally and welll you gonna have different allowances and dimensions for each airline. Let me give an example

Airline one: 2 bags each plus one carryon cannot weigh more than 15lbs plus a purse 

Airline two: 66lbs total weight for checked bags 38×30×18 cabin/hand bag 1 no more than 13lbs. Your purse cannot be used as baggage. 

So let’s talk about airline two because that is my final flight into Kuwait from Qatar. I have gotten luggage based on the information from airline one. So I’m bugging like wait will I have to pay extra fees? What’s gonna happen here?

See I fly into Qatar and spend an entire day and a half there. So the plan is had in my mind was this: two large suitcases 1 for clothes 1 for personal items. One checked bag for clothes just in case my luggage is lost or late arriving. One carryon each plus my purse that will double as the electronic bag. Sounded great and amazing. I had a plan. I was comfortable. I was ready to pack. Now I’m second guessing the whole process. I’m still ready to say forget it and go with my original plan. I’m trying to pack two people and limited the number of suitcases. My 7 year old is going to be limited on how well and effective she can help. I am ready for to be in Kuwait. I hate packing. Then I gotta unpack. UGH. 

So I have a few memes that spoke to me and I’m sure you can relate to. 

I’m feeling all the feels about packing. It will get done. I’ve got 3 and a half weeks left so I gotta get on it. 

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