5 days and counting

Okay I am actually packing and I seriously want to cry. I mean real tears streaming down my cheeks ugly cry face and all. I would have NEVER thought packing for myself and an 8 year child would be this hard. I NEVER thought that making sure the suitcase was only 50lbs would be this hard.

See my plan

2 large suitcases one suitcase would have our clothes and the other would have our stuff
2 carry-on bags each plus a purse and she’d have a book bag.

Well doggone it my plan is not working out so well. I packed all the clothes I wanted to take and then I went and got a scale. THANK GOD I GOT THE SCALE. 60lbs for one bag of clothes!!!!! Okay now what. I sat down and thought. I went on Facebook. I avoided the problem. Then I went in the room. Took some things out. Re-weighed it 54lbs….okay we getting there. Took EVERYTHING out. Rolled some things. Laid flat some things. Left some things out. 50lbs. Hot damn I did it. Then I looked on the floor of the things I took out. I said a prayer. I asked myself do I really need to pack this. I have another suitcase that isn’t full but do I really want to risk it. I looked at what I had….cover up type things….well with the whole I can’t have shoulders showing rule….I guess I gotta figure this out. So I threw in the other suitcase zipped it up and walked out the room. To say I am over it, would be an understatement.


I woke up this morning to an email from my principal. She must have been reading my mind because I needed to send her an email. She wanted to know if we had any questions….um ya think. I asked the most pressing one what about my daughter and who is gonna watch her during pre-planning….bring her with you she said….okay great. AWESOME!!!

See all my issues are getting my behind over there to Kuwait. I haven’t had any issues with what will happen once I get there.

I signed up for my VPN.
I contacted my bank.
Pretty sure everyone knows that I am leaving.
I have one personal lose end to tie up (one day I will go into details about it)
Our hair is braided.
I have gone to every restaurant I wanted to while I was home.
I have drove myself CRAZY behind packing.
I have made connections prior to leaving.
I still have a few dollars left to my name.
My daughter turned 8 yesterday YAY!!!!





2 thoughts on “5 days and counting

  1. Susan says:

    You will be fine!! My philosophy- What you have will be enough and you will not miss anything you don’t take. And if you really need it you can buy it there. I so admire you doing this journey with your daughter. I am going alone so much easier for me that way. I hope to meet up once we both get settled. Best of luck and let me know what advice you have after you get there. I still have a tentative leave date of the 20th.


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