Hotel food 

Okay there are times the only kind of hotel food I like is breakfast and delivery from outside the hotel. 

Well that is not through case here. I have yet to 

1. Finish my whole meal

2. Eat something I didn’t like 

My first meal was dinner. It was a 3 course meal. A salad, shrimp and fish, and fruit salad. AMAZING! I had pictures in my previous post. 

Breakfast the following morning was just as amazing. It was a buffet. Chicken sausage is great. I just might be okay with no pork. 

Lunch was another 3 course meal. I couldn’t even finish. I had pan fried hammour with garlic sauce. Of course the salad and fruit salad. 

Dinner was seafood night. I was overwhelmed. The food looked too good to eat. I sampled some of everything just because I could.

The best calm soup hands down. I had two bowls but I didn’t finish either bowl. 

I’m looking forward to my last two meals here tomorrow. 

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