Getting settled in PART 2

Okay I’m no planner I have always kinda just gone with the flow. Stressing is pointless. With that being said it’s Friday my first full day in Kuwait. 

My coworkers were stressing about the whole no wifi thing. So let’s get dressed and go find wifi or get a SIM card. We ended up getting SIM cards. Contacted the principal to find out the game plan. She says I’ll be there in 5 minutes. So she gets us takes us out to breakfast and we tour the school. We get our settling in allowance. She takes us to get a few things to last until Sunday. Apparently Sunday they will take us to get some stuff. So I bought 16.195 KD worth of food and towels. My coworkers spent about 40KD. We finally get wifi about 930pm. I wasn’t tripping because I have T-mobile and my phone was working. Unlimited data and text. Granted I had to reset my phone to access the unlimited data part. Anyways pictures below of my school and apartment. 

Master bathroom

Master bathroom

Where the second bed is suppose to be





Kitchen that doubles as laundry room

Living room

Pictures of the school

Staff lounge

Staff lounge

Gym (there’s two one for boys and one for girls)

Yep you read that right a cinema that plays 2D and 3D movies capacity is 80

One thought on “Getting settled in PART 2

  1. Jackie Robinson says:

    Hey Lady. This is Ms Jackie, your FB friend. I hope you don’t mind I signed onto your blog to keep up with you and baby girl. I just read your journey from packing to waiting on your second bed. That was cute. Glad you guys are stattled in and now on the “other side of life”
    I’m glad you’re doing this. Now we here in the states can live though you.


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