Getting settled in…..

Okay so we arrived in Kuwait Thursday night around 1030pm local time….well that’s the time we were walking out the airport. It was hot. It was crowded. I was tired. I wanted to see my new living arrangements. Let’s go.

After being on a 45 minute bumpy plane ride I really wasn’t up for a drive through Kuwait at unprecedented speeds. However we arrived safely. Got all unloaded and three of us would be on the same floor. One apartment was gonna a have 2 beds and that would be ours. We walked through all three Apartments and no second bed. Okay fine whatever. I’ll be in apartment 15 since it was the last one and we all assumed it had a 3rd bed. One of the other Apartments didn’t have AC. Yeah well I wasn’t staying there and that wasn’t my issue. They will get me another bed. Uh ya think. Walking around. I don’t have a wardrobe…..ugh. The other two Apartments have a wardrobe. Okay don’t trip. I’ll be fine. Tick Tock… cable no internet….Huh? Why not? I don’t even have pictures to prove what was in my refrigerator. Nothing went together to create a meal. Cheese, bread, water, juice, soda, a basket of snacks and a small basket of fruit…..ugh and we haven’t had dinner yet. Okay don’t trip we’ll figure this out. So one of my coworkers goes downstairs  (we are on the 5tg floor by the way and yes we have an elevator. Apparently 3 peices of gym equipment and this area they say is a pool. Again you need to pictures to believe me.) 

Anyways my coworker comes back up and says the guy across the street in what we’ll call a bakery shop tells her there is dunkin donuts still open and maybe one of the pizza places. By this point it’s closing in on midnight. 

We go to the bakery place and I ask if he takes American US dollars cause I didn’t have any KG (Kuwaiti money) he says and I quote “don’t worry about you pay later ” me thank you sir. I order a pizza and some meat sandwich  (kinda like a calzone) He then gives Elise a box of pastries. I’m like get out of here dude I’m now a customer for as long as stay here. Finally we eat and get all cleaned up I put her to bed. 

I literally fight with the washing machine. I couldn’t figure out how to get the thing to work. Pulled out the manual and all. Took a shower came back and still couldn’t figure it out. Came close to tears. I did not need anything else to go wrong tonight. I called it a day and went to bed. Pictures of my apartment will be in my next post. 

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