Room assignment 

Okay so we have finally received our classroom assignents. I will be a KG1 teacher. To say I was slightly disappointed is a mild understatement. I wanted KG2. However I’ll be fine. 

I got Elise registered for school. She’s got her school ID and some uniforms. (That set me back and I’m frustrated with this whole financial situation. If I could have planned this better I would have but that’s water under the bridge now.) 

Currently I have 17 kids. 10 boys 7 girls. I’m excited about those numbers and the makeup. I would rather have a class full of boys than girls. I haven’t meet my TA (teacher assistant) yet. Since she was a returning teacher she won’t be here until the 24th. 

I won’t bore you with the whole sitting around twiddling my thumbs because there is nothing for us to do. I don’t want to the setup my room without my TA. We’ve sat in two power point presentations….oh no wait 3. 

1. To welcome us 2. On classroom management 3. On the tool they use to take attendance and enter grades. 

The two days so far could have been condensed down to one day. To be bored from not having anything to do is worse than sitting in boring meetings and PD. I think. 

I’ll post before and after pictures later once the room is finished and ready for students.
Quick up date:

Elise finally got her bed. Now let’s see how long it takes to get the curtain put up…anyone got some tools 

2 thoughts on “Room assignment 

  1. Jacqueline Robinson says:

    Well, sounds like it’s slow going, but it’s going.
    How is baby girl adjusting?
    How does this work?? The children at this school are all American children?? Where did why are they over there? Are their parents military?
    I know how it is…I hate being bored, but enjoy this time now. 10 BOYS!! You are going to have your hands full. I have a 7 soon to be 8 year old grandson…….😳😳😳😶.

    I spoke with Leer Milledge (bet you didn’t know that I’m his other wife) don’t worry Tamieka knows already. LOL! Her said his sister-in-law Kim is out there. Do you know Kim?
    Well the best of luck to you and those 10 BOYS. HAHAHA!!

    Keep posting.
    Love Jackie Robinson


  2. Jennifer Leach says:

    I also have KG1 and like you was disappointed, actually I’m still a little disappointed but there’s nothing I can do about it but just accept it. As of now I have 15 students, I’m sure I’ll get more students after the Eid Break. I’ve met 13 of them, I’m expecting the other two to join us after the holiday.


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