Classroom Prep

Okay so for the past week and half I’ve been setting up my EMPTY classroom. When I say empty I mean I am brand new KG 1 classroom with nothing but some table and chairs inside 4 four walls. Oh and shelves. 

I was told oh don’t bring anything, it’ll all be provided for you. (Insert major side eye.)

Any who time moves on. So I’m sitting here with no money in a foreign country needing to setup an EMPTY classroom. 

I’m frustrated. I’m irritated. I’m close to pissed. 

Between the meetings…..which are still boring and practically  useless. I’m twiddling my thumbs. Didn’t meet my TA during the first week. 

Sunday comes. I got teachers in and out my room looking but not giving any help. Someone says I get 60KD (roughly 200 US dollars) Any teacher will tell you that won’t go far. I had to hunt and sacrifice my left arm and two liters of blood to get that 60KD. Walked 3 floors and had to get 3 signatures. DUDE! I’m beyond irritated now. My friend was oh so sweet and nice enough to take me to the store. 

Teacher supplies and what have you are NOT the same or in abundance. It was depressing. I got a calendar, sentence strips, expo markers, and door decorations….grand total 25KD. Okay Melissa stop and breath….you’ve got no manipulative, games, toys, puzzles…nothing what can I get just to start with…..where can I buy it and not blow through this money.

I ended up at a sisha place that night. I was stressed and wanted to cry. I needed to be an adult and not worry about nothing. My friend has twin daughter’s and a nanny that watched Elise for me. While we had a girls night out. Yep I paid for that later. Sleep deprivation is a real thing. 

New day. Let’s try this again. I am printing off so much stuff it’s ridiculous. I may not have materials in my room but doggone it my students are gonna feel welcomed. Finally it’s looking like a classroom. Finally I’m feeling better. Finally people are actually donating materials. Don’t come for me because I ain’t come for you. My TA and I are working it out the best we can. I have the room ready for open house. We did it.

Now of course after I labeled and printed everything I get two new kids. In addition two parents tell me their child’s name is spelled wrong. Cool minor issues. 

Open house comes. I never expected a huge turnout. That’s just life. Parents don’t come to stuff like open house,.back to school night, parent teacher conferences….that’s just life. So when I see about 10 parents show up I’m amazed and happy. 

Now let me take a moment to explain something 1. One of my coworkers comes in and says she told her friend about me because I took nothing and made into something and I was very creative. Why thank you. Get out. of my parents wanted to change classrooms because I didn’t have any toys out, excuse me a lot of toys…..time all the way out… she straight went to my VP and went to another classroom comparing. The VP told her no go talk to the teacher. Each room will look different. You are paying for an education not room decorations. So home girl comes back and talks to myself and my TA. Leaves the room and goes to the VP and sings praises…..why thank you. Get out. I have my eye on you. 

See its things like that that makes you want to scream and beam with pride at the same time. 

I don’t take my job, my career lightly. I take great pride in what I do. I don’t like my room to busy with decorations and if I put all my stuff out the kids will be  bored by Christmas. I am more concerned about creating a warm and inviting classroom than having a busy classroom with toys on the shelf. I gotta train the kids to use them toys and clean up. Nope I know what I’m doing. 

Overall I am excited and ready for the students in Sunday. Overall the parents I met are great and supportive. 

At the end of the day they are parents. I am a teacher. They are trusting me with their child. Kids are kids. I just happen to be in a different country. 

My motto this year: Don’t come for me unless I come for you. Don’t come for me because I didn’t come for you. These two sayings will be used frequently this year I just know it. 
Update: one of my coworkers took me and others to the store and I spent 40KD for manipulatives. I now have a room with manipulatives. I’ll make games along the way. The school ran out of laminating paper. Oh well. There comes a point in your life as a teacher where you refuse to buy stuff that school provides. Guess who ain’t buying not one laminating sheet? So my games will be made when we have laminating sheets. 

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