First day of School

Okay so here’s the thing, teachers arrive at 7am students arrive at 7am….as a teacher you should already see the problem. If not let me help you. You cannot greet your students if you have not had time to prepare mentally. If I walk into my classroom I don’t need to see my babies at 7am. The plan on paper: kids go to the indoor playground until 730am. The reality on the first day: door are open before teachers are ready. Our bus pulled up at 650am and kids were already pouring into the building. Thank God I ate before I came. I still had to walk Elise to her room. So teachers are scrambling into the building rushing to their rooms. I’m like oh no this can’t be like this everyday. 

Quick side note: big fuss was made about making sure you are in your rooms to start the day and greet your kids at the door. Parents shouldn’t see you lingering in the halls grabbing coffee or water. Well um in order for that happen there has to better organization in the morning. Kids are gonna need to be in place from day 1. Don’t change it up on day 2. It’s confusing. 

Anyways get Elise in her classroom hustle back downstairs because I knew I had one child and parent waiting on me. By the time I get back to room I’ve got 3 kids and it’s 658am. Good grief. My TA comes in. Kids start pouring in. Only one cried and tried to run. But wait another comes in and he cries. I’ve got the first crier. My TA has the second crier. She calms the 2nd kid down. I’m still trying with the first kid. Oh my. She takes the second kid and calms him down temporarily. He will cry on and off all day. I put on a Mario brain break.

Back story as to why: I sat by one kid and he goes on and on about Mario. So I ask him if he can do the Mario dance. He says yes. I put it on and we dance. We end up dancing twice to Mario. The second time we danced I asked him to include get the other kids. 

The morning went smoothly enough. 

The afternoon was just as smoothly. 

I can already tell you they do not know their letters or sounds. Some know their colors. I had them color a picture. All my colors colored very neatly and in the lines. My boys well they are boys. I had three not even color. 

I’ve got one boy that I already know needs to be close to an adult. 

Let me just go ahead and say I LOVE MY TA! She don’t play and she jumps right in when needed. I don’t even have to tell her and she’s there. 

Tomorrow will be better than today. I was able to get a feel for the kids and they got a feel for me. I’ll learn the schedule and it’ll be better. 

Overall the first day was success with 14 students present and 5 absent. I don’t feel dog tired like I usually do on the first day. I didn’t have a lot of jitters. I went with the flow and I did not stress. Inshallah. I still wouldn’t mind a drink but no liquor in Kuwait. I don’t know how I feel about that just yet. 

I just want to go home and watch Power. 

I can honestly say I still have a smile on my face. 

2 thoughts on “First day of School

  1. Jacqueline Robinson says:

    Well Congraulation!! You made it.
    Not feeling that 7 am for both teachers and student tho. That won’t work very wel.
    I always need at least 15 min. Before my day start without any interruptions, and I’m not even a teacher.
    Still proud of you. Enjoy!!
    You got this.


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