The negatives….so far

Okay I’m in a mood. Feeling kinda homesick so yep this update will be rather depressing and it’s gonna give you the downside to it all.

First off the WHOLE country is disorganized. Nothing makes sense. It’s like common sense is nonexistent. Inshallah takes on whole new meaning. Okay maybe not the WHOLE country but you would think a business or organization would be more organized. 

Example: 1. Let’s look at how they drive…disorganized the impatience is strong. Left lane, not driving fast enough, let’s flash you and still pass on the shoulder. 

2. Now this maybe just my place of employment but here goes. What was told at 7am may not hold true at 730am.

3. Just because it’s in Stock today grab it because it may not be there tomorrow….next week forget about it. And I’m not talking seasonal items either. I’m talking regular everyday stuff like soap well a particular brand of soap. 

4. What is up with kleenex tissue used for everything. 

5. Okay my list is no longer about disorganization 

6. Back to this kleenex thing. It’s considered napkins. No boo that’s for your nose. 

7. The toilet tissue is whack. Like finding good quality is driving me insane.

8. Paper towels….yep whack kleenex and toilet tissue quality. 

9. Let’s take a moment to discuss the filth….trash…yep every where things like a trash system….pretty sure it doesn’t exist. I have not seen a garbage truck yet. I’ve seen dumpsters and piles of trash but no garbage truck 

10. The heat is disrespectful 

11. Females tampons do not exist and if you find its like the small travel size box. 

12. Shop and eat that’s all they do and it’s excessive. Like every mall has at minimum 3 floors. I went in one that had 6. 

13. No smoking laws do not really exist 

14. Child Safety seat laws…nope

15. Speed cameras everywhere right along with traffic cams. 

16. Homesickness is a real thing. 

Now with all this and I’m sure I can list more. I don’t want to harp or focus on the negative. My purpose is greater than a list of things that get on my nerves. It’s not enough for me to pack up and go home. I’m still enjoying my time here. I still like my job. I still like my kids. I still like my parents. I still like my TA. I still wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. 

Some positives

1. I don’t bring any work home….cane we take a moment and pause in that comment alone. Let me explain the importance of this one. I am a teacher and being a teacher is stressful. I would take so much stuff home and not even look at it. I am more rested. I get to work at 700am. I don’t see my kids until 730am. They go home at 100pm. I go home at 300pm on the dot. I’m home at 315pm..I have time to cook and take a nap wash and dry at least one load of clothes. 

2. I get to save 90% of my paycheck. (Hey I gotta eat)

3. I get to travel.

4. I get to experience another culture and country firsthand. 

5. I am living what some would consider the American dream but I’m not in America


7. I work with some helpful coworkers. We share the work load (Lesson planning and strategies to implement)

8. I feel the stress leaving my body…it’s pretty much left my body. 

9. I am walking in a greater purpose. I am happy. I am free. 

10. Yes there are things I would like to change but heck no one said it was Utopia that’s heaven and pretty sure I ain’t left Earth yet. 

11. My child is happy and the moment that changes I will adjust accordingly. 

12. The food is so much more healthier and given in the correct portion (I do miss bacaon and crabs)

13. I still have technology and TV  (praise God) 

Overall I’m happy and life is good. God got us and we got our hands in God hands. I have no regrets. 

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