Keeping my sanity

Okay so this homesickness thing is real. I refuse to cry but I probably should. 

Anyways I’ve started planning trips. I’ve compared prices. I’ve finally settled on locations

December…legoland Dubai

January….Paris Disney

Summer travel

1. Cruise 2. Iceland 3. The US 4. Zanzibar 

I’ve decided to pull Elise from school and homeschool her. I won’t go into deep details but I want her to have a positive experience. She’s never been one to like school anyways and no point in her being miserable about this move. I interviewed a nanny from Ghana. She just happens to have a education background as a teachers assistant and she lives around the corner. So I consider it a win. I’ll interview a few other people and officially pull her by the end of the month. 

One good thing that came from all this, Elise is being re-evaluated for ADHD. I’ll have the results within a week. 

Big picture you gotta stay focused on your goals or you will go stir crazy. 

My goals 

1. Save

2. Get out of debt

3. Travel

Stress is not an option. I can do that back in the states. 

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