The perks

Okay so I’ve had to stay focused on not only my goals but the perks of living in Kuwait because let’s face it homesickness is a real thing. 

First update: I recently pulled Elise and began homeschooling her. She’s ADHD and it’s not a good fit and she’s on medicine. So for all sanity sake she will be home schooled while I am at my current school. 

1. I now have a nanny who is also a housekeeper. It feels good to come home to a clean house. She cleans like for real. Washes dishes, cleans the floor (mops, sweeps), takes out the trash, cleans rhe bathroom, Washes and folds my laundry if she irons and cooks I’m never leaving. (She probably would if I ask her to but I feel bad it’s the American in me) My apartment is spotless EVERY DAY! I quoted her the salary of 120KD a month I think I’ll give her a little more. I had a maid for 40KD a month and she didn’t do laundry. Talk about an upgrade.

2. I have a TA and a nanny. My TA has to make me give her work. Like I don’t know what to do with her. She keeps the kids in check and she does all the cutting and laminating for the crafts. All I gotta do is teach. The nanny takes the kids to the bathroom and keeps the room clean. If the kids have an accident the nanny handles it. 

3. The breaks. I mean I can’t highlight this enough. From 700 to 730 the kids are on the indoor playground. So I get 30 minutes to prepare in the morning which the bus usually gets us there by 645. So that 45 minutes before I say good morning to my class. They have 30 minutes for specials, Arabic, Islam and Quran. I am teaching 2 hours a day, 2 and half hours max. They start dismissing at 1250 and I go home at 300. I DO NOT TAKE ANY WORK HOME! This confuses me most days. I come home like now what did I forget something. 

4. EVERYTHING delivers. I want McDonald’s, yep they deliver. I want pizza of course they deliver. I want ice cream yep deliver. Subway….yep. Krispy kreme…yep (haven’t had it yet but I will) Chinese,  Japanese, a burger, chicken….they all deliver. I buy a big ticket item from the store…they deliver and most don’t even charge extra to deliver. Groceries….yep they deliver too. 

5. I don’t have to bag my groceries at the store and they carry them out to the car, load the car and of course they get a tip. Bag boy takes on a whole new meaning. I don’t even put the things on the conveyor belt. Nope, you nod your head that you are ready, they grab your cart (trolley) and unload, bag, reload, take it to your car (taxi) load the car and bounce. 

6. Taxis are everywhere. I don’t need a car but I will get one. I get car sick on any ride longer than 1 KD. They drive like maniacs and I just can’t do this for 2 years. 

7. Even though I don’t have a car I’ve witnessed it. Someone pumps your gas. You pull up tell them how much and they pump it for you. 

8. The weather is finally nice and I actually want to go out and see Kuwait. 

9. If you are into to shopping….it’s plenty of that to do. I try not to get caught up in the hype and I stay in my lane because shopping ain’t my goal or focus 

10. You sick and need medicine that they carry. Take your behind to the pharmacy and tell them what you need and BAM you get it. Doctor visit no appointment necessary just go. No red tape. No going to only your insurance doctor. No deductible. 5KD for the visit. Your first will be the most expensive because you are opening a file. 20 KD. Of course private doctors are more. I should know I’ve been to two for Elise but that’s not a perk. 

11. No matter how you feel or what you think, you ate not alone. All you gotta do is talk to someone else and they understand and are willing to help. They are pretty good about pointing you in the right direction. No one has steered me wrong yet. 

12. I get deliveries. Don’t let the hype fool ya. I got some personal feminine products just in a nick of time and I wanted to kiss my Harris (the building supervisor guy, that’s the best I can describe him, he’s like a handy man but not really)

13. You can’t pay…inshallah. pay what you can and get them the rest when you can. 

14. I can find American products. Sometimes they are expensive but shoot for some Pillsbury cookie dough cookies I’ll pay for it. 

15. I am able to view the world and the US through a different lens. That in of itself is priceless. 

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