My Decision to Homeschool

We have been in Kuwait now for about 2 and half months. So many things have happened. I’ve had a friend leave. I have a coworker talking about leaving and has mentioned it to admin she is leaving. Homesickness almost got the best of me. My mom was diagnosed with cancer. My daughter’s grandpa died. I cried. I wanted to leave and go back to the states. I was ready to quit but not because I don’t like my job, kids, admin, coworkers or disorganization. I was ready to quit because my child’s homesickness was overwhelming me. I thought this was gonna be an amazing adventure. We were gonna explore a new country. Learn new things. Experience life outside of America. BUT NOPE this child of mine was stuck on America and her granny. Well got granny on Skype problem solved right……NOPE. She can’t walk into a store and find her Lego dimensions…..ordered a pack and had it delivered….NEXT. (SN: this game has been a pain in my rear end since we got it last Christmas. Kinda over it.) She can’t have Panda Express……look little girl let me find an orange chicken recipe for you……NEXT. She’s got nothing. So I shared with her how yes I get homesick but I think about what I can do instead of what I can’t do or what is back home. I told her about our trips (ain’t booked a flight yet but that’s another post) We are going to LEGO LAND in Dubai brand new just opened last week. Come on now. Think of the experience. We are going to DISNEY is freaking PARIS….come on kid work with me. She’s finally going on a cruise…grant it, it’s not Disney but still she’ll spend 7 days and 6 nights around the Mediterranean. I wish I could be her at 8. The mall literally has a HUGE indoor fair. I can’t even begin to explain Fun City. Only thing missing is a Ferris Wheel and fair food. Then there was the school issue.

Quick background on my child. She was diagnosed as ADHD back in November of her kindergarten year. She takes medicine for all I’ve had teachers say is she can’t focus in the afternoon and that has rare since 1st grade with the last increase. Anyways. Side effect of the medicine lose of appetite. I make sure she eat breakfast and she pretty much eats from the time she get home in the afternoon until she goes to bed. Hasn’t lost weight or anything.

Had not one problem with my child until I finally disclosed that she was ADHD and that was only after the TA kept bugging because she wasn’t eating at school. I told her she won’t eat because of her medicine. The following day there’s all these issues with her behavior. She’s refusing to do work. She’s not listening and following the rules.She’s being aggressive. It was something everyday.Come to find out it was the teachers pushing my child in a corner until she reacted. Okay don’t even trip. I pulled her and decided to home school. I hired a nanny. She stays home and is actually learning and not being bothered or made to feel different for being the only brown skin kid in the classroom.

It was a hard decision because she needs to be around other people. I hate that she home with a nanny and not socializing. However I did not bring out her country to be picked on for being black. I could have stayed in America for that. I did not bring her out her country to be picked on for having ADHD. Nope we could have stayed in the America for that too. My daughter is very aware of life. She’s coming from a single parent home. I don’t sugar coat much of life for her when she asks questions. She hasn’t asked hard questions but she knows she has brown skin. She knows she’s American. She knows she speaks English. She knows she learns differently and needs help to focus. She also knows she’s very bright and artistic and creative and loves to sing and dance. She is very aware of her surroundings. Anyways. Had her evaluated. She has dyslexia. Finally somebody confirmed what I knew. Anyone who knows me, knows that every year I ask someone to listen to her speech and her writing because it’s off. Not in a major way unless you are around her daily you notice it. I’m an educator so I noticed. And every year, expect for the year I was gonna send her private school, I was told she would out grow it. Well surprise, surprise she didn’t out grow it and there is an actual issue. The girl writes and spells on a kindergarten level and she’s in 3rd grade. Okay I got this. You can’t help her on her medication. You definitely won’t be able to help her off her medication (I’m having the devil of a time finding her medication so she won’t be going back to school until they have a plan and she has her medicine)

As her mother I have to make decisions that are best for her. Academically I can do better at home. I can place her in programs and activities based on her interests. My coworker has offered to have her come over with her twin daughters who also home-school so she won’t be by herself. I just gotta work out how to get her there. Hopefully it will only be for this year and she can return next year. If not while we are here she will be home-schooled.

We have already discussed where we will go next. She has mentioned Africa and China. I was not thinking Shanghai prior to her saying Africa, now I am looking into schools in Africa and placing BOTH of in the best school and experience.

One thought on “My Decision to Homeschool

  1. Kals Sendo says:

    What I hear, overseas schools do not know how to handle any kind of learning issues so you know it’s best for you to take matters into your own hand. I personally believe they should hire more teachers trained in the field. S/n what made you choose those two countries to go to next?


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