Diva Cup

Okay this is not travel related and this is a FEMALE ONLY post and if you are a female and don’t want to talk menstrual cycles leave now. 

Okay first off who ever created this God bless you. 

Remember that feeling you had when you switched from pads to tampons? Same thing. I switched to the diva cup this week honestly as I type this up I’m using it and I will never use a tampon again. 

Look this thing gave me life. If you don’t know what it is I’ll give my quick version of it and then Google it. 

It’s a cup that you where, which hugs around your cervix, to catch your period. Take a moment and snatch the visual image out your head because it’s nothing like what you think. 

Yes you have to insert it. Yes you have to take it out. No it doesn’t hurt. No its not messy. Honestly for someone else who has had a kid and hates blood I was actually impressed with how simple the whole thing was. I actually hate my period because of the blood not the cramps but the blood…. ewww. But the cups makes you realize how much blood you don’t really shed in a month. 

Word of advice read he instructions fully and completely. Make sure you understand what to do. 

Biggest tip fold it put it in ( which you have to) and fold it when you take it out. Don’t you yank that thing out it will hurt. Yes I know because the first time I did not fold it. I was too worried about a mess and blood getting on me. Swore I was giving birth and almost screamed in the bathroom. 

Next tip: if you are in a public bathroom carry a bottle of water with you to rinse it off. 

You will saving thousands by switching. The most you will buy are pads or pantiliners until you figure it out. 

I am considered a heavy bleeder. I’m talking a tampon and pad and I better change it within two hours or its a pain.

I used it all week long. On my heavy day I was able to use the bathroom like a normal person with no issues. I didn’t  have to go every two hours. I worked and went about my day like I wasn’t  on my period. I slept with it again no problems. Woke up fine.

If you have ever thought about it. I say try it out and see what happens. It has changed my life and my period for the rest of my life. 

One thought on “Diva Cup

  1. Kals Sendo says:

    Ok I tried the soft cups, the disposable ones , and I immediately fell in love. That was the first insert. Well the second insert got stuck and one Er visit later I can confidently say never again lol. I so want the euphoria you speak of but as of now I am scared as heck.


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