Okay I’m just gonna post pictures because I can’t even begin to put into words my weekend trip. 

    Wheels up. Our flight was at night. I think it was 9 something . I would have missed out flight if I didn’t check the tickets. We hung out the airport. I think I’m a let’s hang out at the airport kinda person. I am not one that likes to rush and I didn’t have my civil ID and I didn’t want no trouble. I didn’t take pictures of the hotel because it wasn’t anything fancy. I will say I forgot they sold alcohol and they have a nightlife. 

    Sure did and ended up sick. Went to bed fully dressed. No I wasn’t drunk. I didn’t even drink the whole glass. 

    Now in the am we ventured to Mall of Emirates. This ridiculous place. 

    Ski Dubai. Just Google it. Yes it is inside the mall. It’s 3 levels…nope wait 4 levels of shopping. It’s a mini city . 

    Day two we went to Dubai Mall

    We went to the underwater zoo INSIDE the mall. 

    Dubai is expensive compared to Kuwait. It’s more laid back compared to Kuwait. It was too busy for me. Elise would spend all my money. I’m kinda glad I’m in Kuwait so I save. 

    I did promise to return to go to Legoland and Ski Dubai. There’s a zoo. I wanna do a desert safari. I didn’t get to meet up with any of my friends while there hopefully next time. 

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