Christmas overseas 

Christmas Overseas was better planned than Thanksgiving. We went to Thailand. Bangkok to be exact. Before I dive into pictures of our trip and the experience let me reflect on the past year of my life. 

Christmas 2015 I struggled to provide for Elise a Christmas. My bought us plane ticket to come home because I was gonna stay home in my apartment and be depressed and sit deep in my feelings. 2015-2016 school I took a 10k pay cut in the state of Maryland. How I kept the lights on, food in the house, and roof over our head ….was nothing but God. I moved into a better apartment in a better school district but rent was higher and now I paying for before and after care all with a lower salary. I was tired of the struggle but I like living in Maryland. 

Christmas 2016 I was able to book a flight to Bangkok, Thailand. I was able to not only afford TWO plane tickets but I was also able to afford the actual trip wot be able to sightsee and stay in two different hotels over the course of 7 days. MERRY CHRISTMAS! She enjoyed herself. I enjoyed myself. Bangkok owes me nothing, except the Grand Palace. (The king’s body was lying there and I’m sorry I just couldn’t bring myself to book a tour with a dead body inside) 

Bangkok was busy and crowded so yeah I don’t have to go again. The beach was beautiful and I definitely want to see more of the beaches. I also want to see the Tigers and ride an Elephant. Maybe visit the floating market. However what I saw and was able to do I am happy and would suggest it to anyone. 

Wheels up. We are heading to Abu Dhabi where we will have an overnight layover.

Our beds for our layover. It did the job. I would suggest it and I would do it again.

Wheels up. Leaving Abu Dhabi headed to Bangkok.

I didn’t take pictures of our first hotel which turned out to be a hostel. I did not like it at all. I barely wanted to stay but that’s life. We live and we learn. I enjoyed the city and all that we saw. 

Some pictures from safari world

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