Little Nuggets

Look when I tell you I am happy for the little nuggets that make living in Kuwait just a little more tolerable I am overjoyed.

The most recent was an African Day Celebration….

I was able to purchase some fabric and have an African skirt made. When I tell you it was an amazing experience that night.


There was a Mother’s Day Celebration brunch




In April I went to a Cuban Jazz Concert



I was able to see The Chelesa Green Project live in concert



I’ve attended a South African concert



Best part it was all free. I just had to pay a taxi to get there. I’ve been able to dress up and go out.

I’ve attended game night with other African Americans located here in Kuwait.

Elise is a girl scout. She’s in drama. She’s been to the park located beach side. She’s gone to a farm and picked eggs and fed a goat. She’s got friends her age and slightly older. We are in process of creating a brand for her to explain this expat life from a child’s point of view. Too often we forget they have feelings about this expat life as well.

I am excited for next school year. She will continue to home school. I am ready to be more involved and to experience Kuwait for all it has to offer. I want to find more little nuggets.

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