Spring Break 

I made it. This means the school year is almost over. When I return to school in a week there will be 36 days left with students.

Insert Praise Dance. 

We left Friday morning for Dubai to finally see Legoland. 

We arrived to our wonderful hotel. We were greeted with bright smiles and “Aloha” the hotel has a Polynesian theme. It is a nice family resort. I suggest anyone to stay at Lapita Hotel at Dubai parks and resorts. It was well worth the money. Everything you need is located right there. You don’t have to leave unless you want to explore Dubai. 

Legoland…what can I say. It’s geared for children 6 and under. It wasn’t one of those parks that made you go oooohhhhh and aaaaahhhhh. I was more impressed with mini land and how the built landmarks from Legos. 

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