I think I’m in love.
Here’s what I am loving the most about Nairobi, they have managed to hold onto their culture and land. I am not overwhelmed with McDonald’s and Starbucks. I can see little boys and men herding their cows, goats, and/or donkeys (granted how they were doing it was illegal but still) I look to the left and see a giraffe. I keep looking and BAM some ostriches oh wait is that a zebra…..wait look over there that’s a baboon. The city is built around the national park so the park area is not damaged or secluded. You leave the airport and to the left is the national park and the animals are roaming free.

Day 1

The driver asked if I wanted to eat….um yes sweetheart I haven’t eaten since breakfast on the plane. I’ll come back to discuss the flight. He asked if I wanted Burger King or KFC um no sir no American food. He took me this restaurant where I was able to sit outside in the cool breeze and eat my lunch and sip my wine. It was a delicious buffet. The only thing I know for a fact I ate was ribs. I had this wonderful soup I almost didn’t eat but my waiter brought me a bowl. (mushroom and red snapper with something else) I almost drank the whole bowl. The was music. An artist had his art on display for you to purchase.

I went to visit Karen Blixen Museum. If you haven’t read or seen the movie or book Out of Africa, please do so. Karen is main character in the book.  Now here is where I got a little agitated. Here you have this white woman from Denmark come to Kenya and buy a city worth of land. I ain’t knocking the hustle but it’s one of those things that bothers me to see other people come in and capitalize on other people land. There is now an Asian problem in African where they coming over to build and they are staying. Kenya now recognizes a group of Asians as part of Kenya and they have their own tribe/community.


Another thing I learned every Kenyan knows at least 3 languages. English, Swahili and their mother tongue (there are 42 of those…well no it’s not 44 and each of those 44 have subgroups and various dialects) Agitated again because in the states learning another language is not a requirement and it’s barely encouraged. Yet you look around and people are naturally learning 3 languages on purpose.

I went to the giraffe conservatory. This is where Giraffe Manor is located. The giraffes are just walking around and you can feed them. Point once again the natural habitat is preserved.


I did not do a good job today of taking pictures. I was too busy taking it all in and enjoying my surroundings.

Day 2

We went to the Nairobi Museum. It was nice to see the history of Kenya, slightly depressing to see the colonialism but this is life and colonialism is real. The country gained independence in 1963 so big picture that wasn’t that long ago. The country is still rich with culture. I can only hope it remains that way.

I ate REAL talipia today not that mess they sell in the states that will kill you. This fish comes from the coast in Lake Victoria and it actually helps prevent malaria. Talapia is a popular fish eaten here and I must say it was delicious.

We visited Snake park…which was interesting to see the different types of snakes that exist in Kenya and in Africa in general. I mean really a whole park which was really a small walking area, but still show off what ya got.

Today was good day tomorrow….SAFARI!!!!!

Day 3

Safari Time major takeaways

  1. the African Buffalo can take down and kill a Lion
  2.  the giraffe can kick a lion one time and the lion will die

My childhood is ruined and I need a moment to reflect on the fact that the king of the jungle can be taken out by a buffalo and a giraffe

Hunting is illegal in Kenya. The only way you are allowed to kill an animal is if you are in danger. A real life, life or death situation…kill or be killed. If the wildlife attacks a human the wildlife must be put down to prevent further attacks.

Conversational takeaways

  1. Kenyans think the playing field is level for African American and the news is not showing the real America but America ain’t showing the real Africa either. Go figure
  2. Kenyans are going through the same struggles we are in America. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The famous people are being taken advantage of example: soccer players are offered all this money to play and they blow it all on crap and do not give back to community…when all is said and done they have nothing to show for it
  3. Interracial relationships are frowned upon among the older generations, accepted by the women but not by the men.
  4. I can buy property and retire in Kenya with no problems
  5. The Asians and Chinese are coming and not leaving because they promise to built the railway or upgrade the railway system but bring all their people over to do it.
  6. Africans do not hate African Americans
  7. Kenya, Nairobi specifically was warm and welcoming. Not once did I feel like a tourist who didn’t belong.
  8. there are other black people here who have come over for various reasons and have decided to stay.
  9. it does not get hotter than 32-36 degrees Celsius….and in the winter it does not get colder than 15 degrees Celsius…..I need another moment to appreciate this weather
  10. America and Kenya have more in common than we think. Example you have those that have and those that do not, those that have keep for themselves because they were taught it’s not enough to go around so I got mine you better figure out how to get yours
  11. Nairobi is mostly agriculture and the factories they do have is for assembly purposes
  12. I will be back and I can definitely see myself retiring here


SN: I didn’t add pictures because one I didn’t want to and two I wanted to verbally express my trip to the best of my ability.


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