I’m not in Nairobi any more and I don’t know how to feel about that.

Mombasa is a straight tourist trap…..let me back all the way up the beaches along the coast are for tourist. This is not the place where you are gonna mix and mingle with locals unless they are trying to hustle and sell you something. Which I am not mad at. I totally understand. Upon departing the plan you could feel the shift in the atmosphere and you knew right away you are not in Nairobi, it almost felt you weren’t in Kenya anymore. I don’t like to compare and contrast places because I want to experience it fully but baby I want to go back home to Nairobi. I’m gonna keep an open mind throughout my trip.


Mombasa turned out to be an okay trip. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on the beach. I finally left the resort and went to the mall. I had a fish therapy spa treatment.

Let me take a moment to explain: I thought you just take your shoes off and they stick your foot in the water. NOPE….she washed my feet and then stuck my foot in the water….I can’t even explain….It did tickle. It felt like little shocks on your feet and legs. It was 20 minutes in the water. Once it was finished she dried my feet and massaged my legs and feet. I would definitely do it again.

The resort had entertainment nightly and people were around to sell you various items.
You really did not need to leave the property.

Mombasa was not a memorable trip I didn’t partake in any of the popular sites because I was still on my high from Nairobi thinking it would be a similar experience.


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