Look this was paradise. I stayed the majority of the time on the beach. I did not need to leave the beach at ALL. It was pure bliss.

I did visit Prison Island, saw some large tortoises, rode a speedboat and didn’t vomit or get seasick. Walked around Stone town avoiding the hustlers at every corner. Learned some history about Zanzibar and their famous doors. They were influenced by Arabs and Indians.

Zanzibar relies on tourism. So everything is imported into the city from Nairobi at a higher cost. So the same things I saw in Nairobi were in Zanzibar but it was 3 times higher. I get it though so I ain’t mad at it. So I saved many coins on this trip but it made me long for Nairobi.

I was able to see people fishing and picking various items from the ocean. It was amazing to see them going out into the water and sit in the water and live off the land. They weren’t trying to sell what they caught. They caught it and took it home. It was a few out there that were going to cook and sell what they caught. The beach was lined with people hustling to sell you something. You had the occasional person trying to sell you a tour but they were not allowed to come onto the property.

I was able to see the moon rising which was a pretty red color. The sky was clear to see the stars and the constellations. It was all very peaceful, calming, relaxing and beautiful. I definitely want to go back.

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