Living Abroad Changes You

You prepare for the change of leaving and embracing a new culture, new country, new life….you don’t necessarily prepare for returning even if it’s just for a visit. It’s considered reverse culture shock….I am currently in the middle of this and I am irritated to the max.

No one around you understands why you are chomping at the bit to return back to your life. To a different country. A different life. A different culture.

I have a better way of life. I have grown accustomed to a different life.

It felt weird driving today. It felt weird sitting in the passenger seat and seeing people use and follow traffic laws. Things that would have bothered me prior to my move no longer phases me. I don’t feel rushed but everyone around me is in a hurry to go nowhere and do nothing. I had to wash dishes and make my bed, now I’m about to go clean the bathroom and vacuum the floor. Wait what? Sitting around watching TV….man look I need something to do I need my village I need my new life. The food is literally making me sick. I haven’t been able to hold food down outside of breakfast. Pretty sure I’m gonna be a vegetarian before it’s all said and done. People are legit still doing the same thing they were doing when I left a year ago.

I went to a pizza buffet and the same lady served me today that served me last year.

It feels weird being on social media in the same time zone. I miss Talabat. I miss my city still being awake all time of night and day.

Summertime is always hard as a teacher because everyone else still works so image being a teacher on vacation back home after spending a year abroad…..I am ready to pull all my hair out.

I don’t do well outside of my personal space for too long and I haven’t been home in my flat since July 1st. I am supposed to stay here in the states until August 10th and I trying to plan an early exit.

America is not what it is all cracked up to be.

I’m tired of answering questions and seeing shocked faces when I tell them I love it overseas and have NO intentions of returning.

I need to be around like minded people and home is no longer that.

I am shifting into my purpose and the new me and where I am meant to be. I am happy.  I am ready for year 2 and beyond.

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