Optional should not be optional 

If you have ever left your country of birth you realize some things aren’t as standard as you thought 

1. Traffic laws 

Turn signals, horn honking, driving lanes, speed limits, seat belts, brakes, eyes on the road, not texting or talking whole driving…..none of this matters 

I have learned one never sit in the front and two just don’t look while others are driving. 

Driving in a lane…yeah it’s nothing to see people using the shoulder as a driving lane. It’s quite normal to ignore the lines and just create your own lane or share a lane or two. 

Lord have mercy it’s nothing to see people standing on the side of the highway waving for a taxi….and a taxi will stop and pick them up. 

Turnabouts/roundabouts need to be outlawed and banned from the entire planet. This is a deathtrap waiting to happen. 

Talking while driving, texting while driving….. just stop you can’t even drive whole driving we don’t need additional distractions. 

Paved road are optional as well…..as a top heavy person I need a smooth rode.

2. Personal space

Just give it up. Be prepared to be closer to a stranger than you would like. You will know what they had to eat prior to coming in contact with them and you will know who takes hygiene seriously. 

3. Breakfast 

Here’s where I miss America the most. I miss grits, pork bacon, scrambled eggs, and biscuits. When you visit other places breakfast is not the same and I still haven’t gotten used to it. 

A cookie is not a biscuit. Who eats baked beans for breakfast? Why is this even an option? 

4. Seeing other black people 

Let’s face it and accept it, there are gonna places you visit and you will be the only black face. Be prepared for states, glares, looks and requests for pictures 

5. Education 

Wanna know if a country values its education look around you. America what is the problem?

6. Medical care 

This is more anger than anything. When I travel abroad I can walk into any pharmacy and walk out with medicine without producing medical insurance. America what is the problem? 

7. The weather channel 

This is probably more regional than anything.  For about 9 months out the year it’s hot, hell hot and it’s so hot even Satan and hell are disrespected. Bottom line after about 100°F no point in actually telling me. 

8. Standard unit of measure 

For a period if time in your life you learn Fahrenheit, inches, miles, am and pm, and all these other measurements that mean absolutely nothing once you leave America. 

You have to learn the unit measure the rest of world uses. I still haven’t figured out the fitted sheet size I need for my bed. 

I have learned over 40°c is just too damn hot 20°c is gonna be cool. 

24 hour clock is a real thing not just military time. 

9. Language 

America you have dropped the ball. It is common for people to know, speak, understand, read and write at least 2 or languages. 

10. Security

I’m not even sure what the police officers do abroad. I don’t even think they own a gun. I have seen cash drops during lunch hour rush and no one bat an eye. I habe seen more drinking tea and coffee than anything. 

11. Rushing 

I’m convinced this is an American thing. 

Not once have I been rushed to finish a meal. I always have to ask for my ticket to pay. Time is not a thing. It gets done when it gets done. Work stays at work. 

12. Hospitality 

America can learn a few things and can share a few things. 

I don’t know what it means to carry my own luggage. I don’t know what it means to dumb my own tray. I don’t know what it means not to be called madam or miss. I don’t know what it means to make a complaint and the issue is solved almost immediately. I don’t know what it means to open my own door. I don’t know what it means to pack my own grocery bags. This is everyday. This is not at the five star hotel only. 

 I’m sure more well traveled can add to this and those who have lived abroad longer than me and even those who have lived more than one place. 

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