How to…. It’s recruitment season 

So I’ve been asked a million times how to apply to schools abroad? What’s the best company? Where did you find your job? 

Let’s start with recruiting companies some are free and some cost a fee. 

Paid sites: this is website I used to land my current job. The school actually contacted me. There’s a list of schools that are hiring around the world. These are all private schools. It’s $39 for the year and you can still stay on even after you land a job this is another paid site and they will have recruitment fairs. I can’t say your chances your better if attend a fair. It’s $195 for 2 years and $75 to renew your membership. Honestly I attempted to create a profile with them and got irritated just because it’s time consuming and so many steps. is another paid site and they recruitment fairs as well. It’s $225 for one year and you have to pay the same few each year you renew and once you have a job your profile is no longer active. Again I attempted to sign up with them and got irritated.  Yep I finally got that application filled out to work for government schools. Here’s hoping for the best. is free and they have listings of schools hiring are ESOL schools in the UAE, Egypt, Lebanon, and Hong Kong they are located across the globe. They are considered top schools. Some follow the British curriculum and some follow the American curriculum. it’s free and highly popular for the UAE public school jobs. They have other job postings as well. It’s also free. 

You can always Google search and apply to schools directly or watch for postings on Facebook this will require you being in groups that will cater to teaching and living abroad or even education groups. 

There are many more options but I promise the same schools are on the same sites.  

I cannot give advice on teaching English as a second language because I am a certified teacher. 

Now once you’ve applied it becomes a waiting game. The sooner you get out there the better. Recruitment season begins in November. Most schools start handing out contracts in November and December. The schools post tentative positions first. Around January student begin enrolling for the next school year. 

Now this year I paid for when reading reviews take it with a grain of salt. One most people write reviews when they hate a place very rarely do they write a review when they love a place. Also some of the reviews are outdated. Remember contracts are for 2 years. Not everyone stays longer than 2 years. Teaching abroad is not for everyone. Every country is not for everyone. Some schools just aren’t a good fit. When researching a school ask Facebook lol. I am dead serious though. I have posted a school just asking a general question and people who are currently there will reply and give you the real deal. Also hard facts black experience are different from others. So please join various groups for your respective country of interest and teaching abroad groups. 

Helpful Facebook groups:

Black Americans living abroad 

Black Americans teaching abroad 

Brother and sisters working at international schools 

Black educators rock abroad 

Brothas and sistas of (respective country) 

Do not be afraid to ask any and all questions. 

Make a list of what you want from a school. Make a list of what you want from a country. Make a list of non-negotiables. If you coming with dependents ask questions concerning them to make sure the school will be a good fit. Also if you are married or dating find out the rules and laws for that country. 

Go ahead to grab those degrees and transcripts. You will need them to be authenticated. Be prepared to pay for authentication of documents. It can get costly. Some people give up and pay a company to do all the footwork. It’s time consuming. You will need an FBI clearance. Most schools cover the actual process of the visa but you are responsible for the getting the documents together to get to them. 

Standard packages will include: 

Paid Furnished accomdations (housing allowance is an option)

Paid utilities (allowance for utilities)

Paid flights to the country and summer vacation (yourself and dependents. This can be a toss up. Some schools will cover dependents and spouse free of charge or you have to pay the school back)

Insurance (yourself and dependents )

Tuition assurance for dependents (mostly free)

Visa assistance (ask will they sponsor dependents or spouse)

Sick leave 

Bereavement leave 

Tax free salary of course

Ask about the school calendar if it’s not posted on their website. If you receive a housing allowance ask how much and average cost of rent also will they assist with finding housing. Ask about transportation to and from school and getting around the city. Some schools will help with a car and license. 

Welcome to the wonderful world of teaching abroad. 

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