My own personal recruitment story 

It’s that time of year where contracts will be handed out asking us if we will return to our current school next year. I was faced with this question in early Novemebr when my name came up in conversation for VP of the KG department next school year. I tossed the idea around and thought yeah I think I can do this. So I had some conversations and said what the heck sure. As the month went on I realized adults get on my nerves. Yes I want out the classroom but not to deal with adults. So I had a conversation with my child. She expressed that she wanted to live in China. (I hadn’t even told her I was applying to schools in China and had an upcoming interview for a school in China) So I shared with her the plan and she got excited. Needless say I’m back in the market for a new school. 

Being outside the country for 2 years you get a better sense of what you want and need not just from a school but from a country. I’m looking some of everywhere. My heart it pulling me towards Asia. I would love Japan. I would kill for Australia or New Zealand. I’ve had one interview that was amazing. I have applied so much it had become a job. I’ve been shortlisted. My dream job was filled. It’s just one giant waiting game. Since I am applying so early they aren’t in a big rush to fill a position. However I’m in a wonderful field of early childhood. One they are easy to come by but hard to find because once you get in with a good school you don’t leave. So it’s a catch 22. However I have the experience and degree so I’m marketable. I just can’t deal with a crap school.  I also want Elise to attend. 

I’ve had two more interviews. One in Beijing and one for two schools in China Wuxi and Hangzhou. I guess I better learn how to spell all these names. I just got the Arabic down. 

I’ve kept my plans to myself for the most part. I don’t need the naysayers. I know what to expect. 

Okay this particular blog was not written in one session. 

In two weeks I had 

An interview in Shanghai, two in Beijing, one locally, and one found me on a plane to Dubai for a face to face with two principals opening schools outside of Shanghai. 

As I was going through security at the airport I check my email and I receive an offer. I got excited thinking it’s from the school I just interviewed with. Thinking that was quick. I actually sat down and read the email and it was from a school in Beijing. Didn’t love the school or interview but didn’t feel much of anything. It felt very typical. It didn’t feel personal. No laughs. Just I have a list and you need to answer. I actually thought I bombed the interview. Anyways I’m reading over the package and it’s a nice deal. I want to see the salary before saying yes or no. They want answer by Monday. I have the weekend to think and pray it over. I hope the new school comes with an offer. 

We received our contracts today at my current school. This should go over well (NOT) 

Elise is slightly excited for the new move. I’m excited for the new move. Not excited for the paperwork and downsizing again. I’m hoping I stay in my new country until I retire. I’m getting old. 

Friends are making transitions. A change is on the horizon and the time has come to embrace the change. 

As of today in this moment I am confident in my decision. As long as no new developments arise (a new offer) I will be fine. 

I will update with an official announcement of where I am going for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. 

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