Winter Travels

My poor baby wanted snow and all we got was cold, rain, and wind.

We went to Paris and I actually had fun. I love being a tourist and act as such. Only place I did not get to visit was Lourve museum. I did visit the Eiffel Tower, Disneyland and the Palace of Versailles.

Now Switzerland not so much because I was depressed from sticker shock. It is expensive in Switzerland. I didn’t spend less than 30 dollars for a meal and that was at Burger King. WTF!

Takeaway from Switzerland

It’s a beautiful country with gorgeous views

I have learned if I stay longer than 5 days in a country I go stir crazy and my wallet gets mad. Only time I wanted to stay longer is when I visited Kenya and Zanzibar.

I would love to visit both Paris and Switzerland when it’s not so cold.

I will be back I need cheese and chocolate. Went all the way to Switzerland and didn’t see their cheese and chocolate place. Also Elise would like to go skiing. Who’s child is this.

Until next time.

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