Let’s talk health for a moment.

I’m pretty sure most of us get sick days. Now ask if we use those sick days when we are sick. I am sure way too many don’t use those sick days.
1. creating sub plans are a total nightmare
2. missing a day is crucial not only to us but the kids
3. you just never know what kind of sub will come into your room
4. admin can be cruel
I am guilty of coming to school sick. I would rather suffer through the day than call in sick. Creating sub plans with explicit instructions on what to do and how to do it, is a nightmare. Admin can sometimes give you a hard time. A sub may not even be available to pick up the job.
Don’t let your child end up sick….oh good grief

But we push through. Here’s the thing, we know it’s not healthy but we are dedicated to DEATH to this job. We don’t take it lightly. We take it very damn seriously. I have seen coworkers keel over in pain because they were sick or neglected their health. Really when do we have time to go to the doctor other than to take a day off or leave early or come in late. I have had coworkers blood pressure go sky high at work on the clock and the ambulance had to be called. The stress has caused people to have strokes and heart attacks sometimes in class in front of students.
We have cried through the pain both physical and emotional. We love our students like they are our own to the point we neglect our health and families.

Working in education is like an abusive relationship and we get up each day to return for the abuse.

This is to my educators learn to take those sick days. Take your mental health days. We all know we die today or tomorrow they will replace you. Take that trip. Take care of yourself to give the best of yourself.

I pray for every educator that they make home safely to their family each night.
I pray for every educator to leave work at work to spend time with their families.
I pray every educator one day will have enough time to plan at school.
I pray that every educator one day will have an abundance of resources to reach and teach every child that enters their classroom.
I pray that every educator one day will make enough money where they will not need side hustle just to make ends meet.
I pray that politics LEAVE the educating to educators
I pray that every child that dreams of becoming a teacher one day does not become discouraged but encouraged to enter this field because all the extra is no longer present.
I pray that education will no longer be cut every time there is a budget.
I pray that educators no longer get burned out before they reach retirement
I pray that educators never have to decide between their students and theirs families

I wish there was some magic wand that we could create a perfect world, a perfect school system but there is not one. I pray every educator makes it to the last day of school alive and healthy. I pray every educator returns to education next school year.

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