I was hoping not to ever post this one but I am in a number of educator groups and I’m becoming upset at this.
I am a teacher. I am here to educate your child. Taking a bullet is above my pay grade. It should not be EXPECTED for me to take a bullet for your child. I will protect them and try my damnest to keep them safe and ensure they make it home. However let us not forget teachers have families as well. We want to make it home to out families too.
I am appalled nope I’m baffled that their are parents and teachers who think and believe I am less than a teacher or should not be a teacher because I will not take a bullet for my students. Tell me when did I sign up for that?
Now the government thinks they should arm teachers! I can’t get enough paper to last a whole school year without coming out my pocket, but you got funds to train me and place a gun in my hand?
I am told I am ineffective if my students don’t pass the state exams. I am told I am ineffective if my students aren’t performing on grade level or above by the end of the school year. I am expected to work miracles in 180 days with no support from parents, minimal support from admin, no support from the district. Students who come from all walks of life with so many issues and problems that have to be addresses before teaching can even start.
Now I’m ineffective if I don’t take a bullet?
When did we place the value of education and teachers so low on the totem pole?

I know these children are on Twitter right now forming and organizing a walk out. I fully support it. I know in some areas teachers hands are tied and can’t walk out however those that do I fully support it.

Here we are at the start of the cycle shooting, outcry, prayers, hashtag, silence and repeat.

Go vote in midterm elections. Pay attention.

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