SHHHH I’m not supposed to tell you this

Okay let me tell you a secret….
When you come abroad you may run into situations and schools that hire people with not one single degree in education and they were hired solely based on their passport…..

I kid you not.

This would not bother me so much if these people at least came with some common sense. My patience is wearing thin with the nonsense. Apparently you can’t go to college for common sense. Lord I wish you could but this the world we live in.

Wanna know something else some of these kids are bad as hell. Not your typical bad….no these jokers are spoiled bad. I come from money and no one has ever told me no bad. I don’t care about my education bad. I know I will go work with my father, so why should I listen bad. Now this isn’t typical but it is reality. Unfortunately when you are hood rich education doesn’t matter. The boys already know my daddy is police officer, he will be a police officer. The girls, they are gonna get married and have babies. There are some that are bright enough for college and will attend college but baby it is WAY TOO many that will not graduate high school with real grades.

While I’m here on grade you have some schools that just give grades. Yep. Grades are given. Kid will have straight As and the wall will have more academic sense than that child. Kid will have straight As and can’t read past I see the cat. Kid will have straight As and cannot add, subtract, multiply or divide. Kid will have straight As and let’s face is dumb as a bag of rocks. Matter fact the rocks are smarter.

Guess what else you think the parent expectations are bad in America it is worse in some places. Check it and come closer, you will have parents that will expect you to teach their child 18 years of English in one school year (KINDERGARTEN!!!!) With no support at home. Utter madness I tell you.

And another thing…..some places don’t give a damn about education. They are more concerned about money and keeping parents happy. Man look the kids are already coming to school a year behind Americans. Meaning you will have 4 year old kids in the kindergarten using a curriculum made for 5 year old students whose first language in English.

Look through it all I would not change a thing. Well maybe a few things but I shut my door and teach my kids. I listen to the parents try my best to meet them half way. What I won’t do is place unrealistic demand on my students. What I won’t do is direct instruction. What I won’t do is complain when it is better than teaching in the states.

I am able to leave the curriculum and be creative. I am able to teach my kids. The babies that I have in my classroom not these imaginary kids that come with no issues and are on grade level. I am able to collaborate with my teacher assistant. I can make as many copies as I want. I can go and ask for supplies (this is still an issue cause let’s face it money doesn’t grow on trees but if the school won’t get it I have a few parents that will get what I need) I am able to instill a joy for school and learning. At the end of the day and school year I know I did the best I could. I have support. I am not afraid to ask for help and I get help when I ask.

I get frustrated but I leave that frustration at school. I have ample planning time. I don’t bring work home. So for me I’m good and I can deal. For some it’s too much and they can’t deal.

Know thyself.

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