Shedding light on Education: arming teachers Part 2

The internet is abuzz with the latest required that is trying to come down the pipe. LET US ARM TEACHERS!!!! This is the answer, apparently, to school shootings. Let me get this straight the problem with guns it bring in more guns. Okay I’ll bite for about 5 seconds.

I teach kindergarten. I am armed. How does this work? Do I keep the gun on me or locked away? Do my students know I am armed? Do my parents know I am armed?

Let’s say the gun is on me. What do I do first secure my students BY MYSELF because I don’t have a teacher’s assistant? or Do I leave my students unattended and go charging into the hallway? or Do I secure my students and if I see the shooter shoot to what Kill or disarm in a classroom full of five year olds? Let’s hope I am in my right frame of mind.

Now what happens next let’s say I shoot to kill or disarm, there is now a body bleeding in my classroom in front of my students. Who in the entire hell is gonna provide the support needed for this? How am going to function as a teacher as a person after that? There are grown ass men and women who suffer from PTSD from combat. I just created a combat type situation in a classroom, in a school.
There are not enough counselors for this one. Trust I will not be the same after that, nor will my kids.

Okay let’s say the gun is locked away. What do I do first secure my students and hope I’m in my right frame of mind to go unlock my gun and go shooting? Remember I am still by myself. Kindergarten numbers can range from 15 to over 30.
What if I am not in my room. Let’s say I am coming from lunch with my students walking in a line. What if I am coming from recess? What if I am at recess? What about specials that is clear cross the other side of campus? What if I am out sick that day? What if I am in meeting? What if…..

Okay what if my kids know. How are they feeling about this. I asked my daughter. She said she would be “weirded” out by all this. She would not feel safe. So if the gun is supposed to make students feel safe why doesn’t the student feel safe?

When did the answer to gun problems become let’s have more guns. I am no criminal but if the police does not scare them I am pretty sure my 5’6 150 lbs (work with me) self with a gun will not scare the criminal either who is carrying an ASSAULT RIFLE!!!!! When you have FOUR officers who did not do their job to serve and protect, then what me as the kindergarten is supposed to step in and say “I will serve and protect” Where do I put that in my lesson plans? Where is that in my contract?

Oh let’s not forget I get a bonus to carry but I don’t get a bonus for my masters degree and I barely get a raise for my years of experience. I don’t get a bonus for copy paper that will actually last me all school year. I don’t get a bonus for ALL the things I buy out of MY pocket to ensure my student have what they need to succeed for the school year. I don’t get a bonus for the SAME damn PD (professional development) EVERY YEAR!!!! I don’t get a bonus to unpack the standards of common core. I don’t get a bonus every time they change the curriculum. I don’t get a bonus for the RIDICULOUS amount I have taken out for health insurance.

You wanna arm teachers, well I call BULLSHIT!!!!

If I fail to protect my students I will be my fault!!!! Pretty sure they gonna tie this my end of the year evaluation that will label me effective or ineffective.
Little Johnny finds my gun and pulls the trigger….Yep my fault.
Little Suzy sees my gun and has a fit and tears up my room because she had a flashback to when daddy shot mommy… YEP my fault.
Fifth grader up the hall who is distraught over whatever 10 year old are distraught about, knows who in the building has a gun comes to room gets said and BAM 1. kills himself or 2. shoots up the school……good lord the paperwork behind that one….YEP my fault

Teacher now feels threatened. Teacher now has the right to shoot…..Hmmmm who gets the pass?

You have seen the RISE in videos where kids are fighting teachers, throwing chairs, tearing up classrooms….imagine what will happen now that teachers are armed. There will WAY TOO MANY loopholes.

There are kids who have to dodge bullets on a daily basis because of all the violence in their neighborhoods. Schools are their only safe haven. Now you wanna take that away.

Little Johnny picks up a stick and hits little Suzy with the stick. I take the stick away. I don’t give one to Suzy and say hit him back. Do know how many kids will start picking up sticks hitting each other?

Little Johnny has a cavity. You don’t blame the dentist. Let’s blame the teachers for not discussing the important of brushing your teeth during health and safety month.
Little Suzy is obese. Who do you blame? Let’s blame McDonald’s, can she drive there? does she have money, a job? do you blame the doctor? Let’s blame the teachers for referring to McDonald’s in the lesson.
Little Matthew is an active shooter? Who do you blame? but the solution is arm teachers? Let’s blame the teachers because we should know when a kid will become an active shooter because we are with them from 7 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday.
Little Amy gets pregnant at 16. Who do you blame? Oh yeah I forgot that’s our fault too because we didn’t tell her about safe sex…but wait they took that out of schools, we shouldn’t talk about sex
Little Boy brings a knife to school. Who do you blame when he stabs 16 people? Oh yeah our fault too we didn’t check his book bag and bring to the attention of admin.

We already have trigger happy police officers. What about trigger happy teachers? What about those teachers who don’t have classroom management and are afraid of their students? What about those teachers who teach at teach alternative schools?

Do you see how INSANE this is. We are over worked and underpaid. Not all of us are mentally stable. I am certain there was teacher somewhere this week that yelled SHUT UP to the class because they were frustrated. I am certain some has yelled or heaven forbid even cursed. Someone has walked out the classroom just to breathe. Someone didn’t walk out the classroom. Arm this same teacher with a gun, what will happen? That gun may come out as an idle threat.

If a regular person does not need a mental evaluation to carry, will the teacher?

I am confused (no I’m not) as to why America is the ONLY country that has this issue.

So mentally unstable people only exist in America? NOPE

America is the ONLY country where it is easier to go purchase a gun than it is to buy white out!!!!

Think about it people started getting high off of white out, now you gotta show ID.
Some idiot was being stupid at the airport and good lord now you gotta do everything but get naked to prove you aren’t gonna blow anything up.
They steal certain products at the store, they lock them up and you gotta ask someone to get it for you and then your product will be at the cash register waiting on you.
You have to pass a series of test to get a driver’s license.

I am almost certain the 2nd amendment was not created for this extra we got going on in America. Guns are not beautiful. Guns should not be glorified. I mean a gun show….really people?
However those of us smart enough to know follow the money and you see why guns are easy to get and why there will not be any real gun control or new laws passed or guns being banned.

My point until they
1. pay teachers more (we should be making 6 figures within our first 3 years) I will not carry
2. provide better health care I will not carry
3. provide me with a teacher assistant I will not carry
4. reduce my class size I will not carry
5. provide schools with adequate resources in the form of teachers to ensure each and every child’s needs are being meet I will not carry
6. until parents are held accountable and responsible for being involved in their child’s education I will not carry
7. until these lawmakers are required to spend an entire month shadowing a teacher then spend once a week in the classroom for their entire time in office I will not carry
8. until they do something more effective than arming teacher as a response to gun control I will not carry
9. until the community is involved in a partnership with schools I will not carry
10. until they stop placing EVERYTHING in our laps making us responsible for things we are not responsible for I will not carry

I WILL NOT CARRY!!!! I will not even trust my co-workers if they did. I know a few right now that would shoot a kid. I know a few right now that would shoot themselves. I know some that would leave their gun out on purpose just to see what would happen.

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