Next up……

So I’ve finally accepted a job and we will be moving to

and these are the only clues you get.
First thing that came to mind was I’m gonna be 12 (13 hours during daylight savings) hours ahead how is watching football gonna work….how does watching live TV work period….it doesn’t. I won’t be able to watch live and function the following day. Making phone calls will be interesting to say the least. The 8 hour time difference is bad enough.

I will be living in Wuxi (wooshe). Yep had to look up how to pronounce it correctly. Here I just got used to Arabic and I’ve picked up some words now I have to learn a whole new language. I’m excited. I have already connected to two other ladies who will be at the same school and coming with children. EXCITED!!!!! I won’t be the only black face. YAY!!!!

I’ve downloaded Duolingo and Rosetta Stone to help me with learning Mandarin. I’ve even have the urge to brush up my Spanish and re-learn French. I just need some notebooks and index cards. Time to become multilingual.

I hope the excitement doesn’t wear off.

I will be a kindergarten teacher at a bilingual international school that will be an IB school. My resume is shaping up to be pretty darn amazing. They will provide training as well. So I won’t be winging it. LOL.

I gave myself a raise. Elise is covered(tuition, flight, insurance, visa, etc) and will attend school with me. I will still have housing provided. My insurance, visa, and flights provided as well. Elise over the top excited. She gets grass and snow again. She’s making plans of places she wants to visit. I’ve showed her places we can visit.

My mama is finally realizing that I will not return stateside. It will pretty much take an act of God to get me stateside again. I am looking at land in Kenya…yep I was serious about it. I need to actually get serious and start talking to people and making this happen. I even toyed with the idea of property in Ecuador and Belize. I am working on my legacy. Leaving Elise something other than debt.

One thought on “Next up……

  1. Liz says:

    I have worked in China for almost 2 years (Wuhan) and the time difference is not too bad. You have the early hours and the late hours to talk with family and friend back in the US. When the US falls back in October then you get an extra hour. My family is in Columbia, SC and I have no problems chatting with them on WeChat. I am sure you have heard about wechat. Everyone, and all businesses have a wechat account. It is super convenient. The only issue would be the firewall. No facebook,netflix, or google associated apps/websites unless you use a VPN. The VPN is great when it works, but sometimes the government works hard to shut it down around holidays and government meetings. I hope that you enjoy your stay in China. I am actually thinking of taking a job in Kuwait, because I want my husband and daughter to get insurance, flight and visa coverage. I am not getting that at my current job. As well my husband thinks the air and water pollution are not good for your daughter (she will be born in a week or so :)). God Bless you and good luck with your travels.


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