The Waiting, The hurdles

Look getting my documents was the easy part

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So I got all my documents turned in and on time by the May 31st deadline. Here comes July and an email…..your date of birth is wrong on my medical reports…..SOB!!!! So what can I do, I am no longer in the country and guess what I do not have health insurance here in the USA. So what are my options people??? Can you email them and have them reissue you a new one…..ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!??

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It took some digging and praying but I got new medical reports with the correct date of birth.

In my panic and fear and worry I started applying for other jobs. Cause what we not gonna do is be jobless and homeless come August. I need my own space and I am tired of living out of these suitcases. So I applied to schools abroad and ONE school district in the states. I had an interview with a school in Vietnam…really people. It was a brand new school going into their second year. I swear it was sounding like my last situation. I could not go through that again. I needed a good fit for Elise. They offered me the job….now what DECISION TIME

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I needed to tell them something as SOON. It’s late in the game. Teachers need to be in place.

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I stopped and took a deep breath. I silenced the voices. I prayed to God. I dug deep into my faith and professionally declined the offer to work in Vietnam. I had not one regret.

Back to my China offer.

Now the letter of experience needed to state Kindergarten Teacher and not Homeroom Teacher….lady, people of the universe Let me whisper something in your ear….Kuwait does not operate like the rest of the world please stop asking me to contact these people and I have already left the country. I get hit with “no problem” and “inshallah” wish basically means “Go (bleep) off”

Got that issue fixed. Now to wait. I went on a cruise, a vacation during this waiting period. I have a separate blog for that.

FINALLY the email I have been waiting on arrives: YOUR INVITATION LETTER IS ATTACHED!!!!!!

Praise JESUS!!!!

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Now I sit and fill out the Visa form….look when I tell you I stressed and killed a small forrest in the process. First I typed it all in nice and neat…go back through it and see it needs to be in all CAPS…..okay fine. Go back through it. Then I had some dates incorrect. Then I had a few words misspelled. Then I was unsure of few answers went and asked co-workers what they did. FINALLY I was done. Took a couple of hours but I got it done.

Now I will be off to DC in the morning to submit the application and pray nothing else come up and there are no more hurdles. I have copies of everything and we are ready to go…OH wait I gotta pack

Went to the DC office. First go to the wrong office on the wrong floor. Make it to the right floor pick a number and wait. When I tell you I waited what felt like FOREVER. I got there about five minutes to 10, they opened at 9:30 I was number B260, they were on number B213. No seats were left. Standing room only. 12:30 a group goes to lunch, the pick up window employees go to lunch. A few others go to lunch. It’s now only 2 windows open. Number B250. I’m hungry. Elise is starting to slowly lose it. She doesn’t have anything to play on. Finally my number is called. I had to correct the number days to match my work permit, fine no problem. I had to correct the visa I was applying for, for Elise, fine no problem. Do you have a copy of this and that, sure do here you go. Please sign her form. Sure. It will be ready Wednesday. I was out of there before 1:30.


  1. the form clearly states up top to TYPE in all CAPS, you better Type it. It’s on the website and you can type right into it. DO NOT GRAB A PAPER COPY unless you have access to a type writer.  this website has the forms, fees, and what you better have with you
  2. make sure you have the right sized photo with the right requirements
  3. bring your patience and even some lunch you will be there a while
  4. there is an office upstairs on the 3rd floor that will print copies for a fee, take your picture correctly for a fee, whatever you need to get your visa done they can help BUT THIS NOT WHERE YOU SUBMIT YOUR VISA that is on the first floor.


I went back up to DC…I swear they need frequent driver miles…How can I earn points off gas for driving miles….anyways. Got to the Chinese Embassy Visa Service around 9:25am…..Yep there was a line. Here’s the thing about that line they had you wrapped around inside and you hadn’t gone through security. Now let me pause, why not just let the line be outside. Anyways. The security guard comes with his announcement, basically have your stuff together or get out of line now. Don’t waste people time. 9:30 the line moves and we are moving. I get my number D825. Basically I am the 25th person. 10:15 my number is called I pay my fee I grabbed our passport AND WE ARE DONE!!!!!

China bound in 6 more days.


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