Organization=Smooth transition

Okay first full day in Wuxi.

We arrived yesterday afternoon (Saturday August 11, 2018) around 3pm. We left the airport around 6pm.

One the trolley for the suitcases was FREE!!!! Praise Jesus. However there was no one to get my suitcases for me. I know I will live.

From Shanghai airport to Wuxi was about a 2 and half hour bus ride….Look NAP TIME!!!

Finally got checked into the hotel. Took a shower and went to sleep. I was done and over it.

Sunday August 12, 2018

Breakfast: I am sure I touched on this in a previous blog post but it bears repeating, breakfast abroad is just weird. I’m trying here I really am but I need eggs and either bacon or sausage for my breakfast to make sense to me. I can over look the lack of grits, oatmeal, and biscuits but what you won’t do is convince me baked beans is a breakfast item. No more can you convince me waffles are a dessert item.

Next up check in with the HR department:

Look I cannot stress the importance of ORGANIZATION!!!! I am far from OCD and needing things in order or done a certain way but if I have a question I need an answer. If I have a problem I need a solution. If you give me a time you need to be there.

I go check in they were ready and in place. I get my transportation card for the metro and bus. I get my settling in allowance. I sign up for a Chinese bank account. I get a SIM card and all before noon.

12:30 I go apartment hunting. We saw four compounds (apartment complexes) The first one I loved the grounds and the location. The actual apartment was small. I have a child I would probably snap and Elise would feel it. So I did not take any pictures.

Second apartment

This was little further out but it had 4 bedrooms and everything was already in place. 2 bathrooms YAY!!! There wasn’t much I would have changed. I liked the furniture. I just didn’t like the location it is about 15 to 20 minutes away from the school.

Third apartment

Didn’t love it. Didn’t hate it. It was 3 bedrooms but the second bathroom did not have a shower…um what’t the point.

Fourth apartment

I fell in love with the view alone. It is right across the street from the park. YESSSS. 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms. One bathroom, the master bath, has a bathtub. DOUBLE YES. The other bathroom has a shower. Didn’t love the furniture so I asked could the couch be replaced. I asked about adding a TV to the main bedroom. Elise is gonna have to earn a TV in her room. The 3rd bedroom will be a playroom/work space. So I asked if they would take the bed out and add a desk and chair. I also asked for a bigger washer since it will be two of us that I have wash clothes for. The table and chairs I could live with. The kitchen I could live with. I also asked about a wardrobe for Elise’s room and if pets were allowed. I will find out soon if the changes can be made. Then I will sign off on everything and be done.

Uploading pictures for this flat have been a pain. Sorry


First there was alcohol….WAIT, what don’t mind if I do. It was nice to meet the families and other staff members. Elise made some friends, well she played with some other kids which is always a great thing. I meet the drama teacher and I love him and his happy, spunky attitude. I am loving all these accents mostly British but I’m loving it none the less. The food was great. I ate ham, praise the Lord from which all blessings and pork flow. They love seafood here as much as I do but whatever that seasoning was has Old Bay beat. I legit did not finish my crab leg. I was like nope and nope that is too spicy and I love my stomach and throat. I am excited for the school year and I hope this excited continues the entire I am here.

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