Day 3…. I think

Look jetlag is a real thing. We slept over 12 hours last night.

Today is medical day.

1. I couldn’t eat or drink

2. Up at an ungodly hour

We load up on the bus. Sit and wait on our name to be called.

I go to x-ray first

Sit on the stool and they took my x-ray. I didn’t change or anything….um okay sure.

Go upstairs.

I have my blood drawn. Then I am given a cup and vial. Wait in the entire world. Ooooookay. I find the bathroom.

Directions: pee in the cup and pour your pee into the vial and place it in a holder with the other 1400 vials of urine.

This sounds and looks like a problem and can’t be sanitary and who is say someone won’t swab my urine. Okay so we are on the honor system.

Next up ENT. Homeboy just looks me over and signs the paper. Asks me one number on the color blind test and in the dark. Looks into my eyes with no tools just his naked eye. Looks into my ears, nose and throat again no tools….ooooookay

Ultrasound I am still not sure what they are looking for because they were all in my kidneys and lungs. One paper towel and you are done.

I get fondled in another room as I get my spine checked.

An ECG is done and it’s over.

Next up bank card.

Go look at an apartment. The apartment I wanted, the landlord is being a jerk. I take Elise and we go look at the 4 bedroom.

Yep walked out with keys

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