No clue, It’s been a Week

Yeah I don’t have a fancy title.

So my first week in China has brought me close to tears at least once a day. I am frustrated with the language barrier. Finding someone who speaks English and Chinese outside of my school is next to impossible. I can pretty much catch a taxi via app. I can shop through pictures and numbers. The rest is causing my anxiety to go through the roof.

My goal was to daily updates….yeah NOT. Jet lag is still a beast and we have been busy from day one. So I will work backwards.

Friday August 17

Our first full day at work…let’s start the day with a TYPOON warning….which all this means is it is raining and the wind is blowing and the umbrella is for decoration. The campus is so big and open many were soaked. My shoes are still drying. It took 45 minutes to get a taxi to work this morning because of the rain.

First hurdle of the apartment, the washer does not work. The guy came to fix it and it is still not working. A WASHER IS ESSENTIAL!!! I have not washed clothes in a week. I need to wash clothes.

Get home and we need dinner. Still have no groceries. I just need to tackle one issue at a time. So I order dinner via app. I get frustrated and finally figure out what I need to do. I say a prayer that dinner arrives. The guy calls, yeah I don’t know what you are saying and you don’ know what I’m saying. He hangs up. I panic. What if he doesn’t come up with my food? What if we don’t eat tonight? Oh my God I am gonna starve to death in China!!!?!?!? Ten minutes later the doorbell rings and buzz him up Praise God!!!!! Delivery was a success. I feel it is safe to order groceries.


Thursday August 16

A day off from work. Praise God!!! I wanted to do nothing but ended up going to IKEA. I went with a co-worker. We live in the compound (new word for complex)

Wait before the IKEA trip I went to the mall. Not too bad of an experience. Pretty straight forward. I found a grocery store that sells things I recognize, so I will return one day.

That evening was the IKEA trip….WAIT FOR IT

Use my handy app to order a taxi.

Jump in the taxi

Taxi driver decides he doesn’t want to take us and legit drops us off not to IKEA. He’s pointing tell us it’s IKEA we are like no sir. He wants his fare. We pay and get out. Order another taxi and finally arrive at IKEA.

We end up lugging 3 large bags a piece across this mall to order another taxi….by this point I am over it. Yep I wanted to cry.

Get home, take a shower, and go to bed. I am done for the day.


Wednesday August 15

Move in day.

Panic moment number 1: the deposit money for my apartment has not hit my account yet. What am I gonna do? Will they let me move in? Can I pay tomorrow? I have already checked out the hotel.

Get to the apartment and they are fine with me paying tomorrow. GREAT and Thank you.  Xie Xie!!!!

Panic moment number 2 and 3: I go to Wad-Mart. Shop around. I am on a budget. I really just want towels and sheets for Elise’s bed. I will figure out the rest another day. Grab some towels. Grabs some sheet. Walk around to see what I can see. Go to pay. Cashier: we don’t take this card (I figured out what she was saying)  we take Chinese card Me: pulls out cash. ( I swear all of was-mart has stopped to look at me) See KFC go get some dinner. Cashier: we don’t take Chinese card Me: WTF (it’s your damn card) I pull out my phone and point to the apps. She points to which one I can pay with.
Look I need everyone on one system. Either we doing apps, local cards or anything. I can’t be doing this every time I go into a store.

Get back home, eat, shower and go to bed.  I am done.

Tuesday August 14

I sign my lease and get my keys to my new apartment. It was the one I actually liked the most but it was the furtherest out. At this point it does not matter because the landlord of the apartment with the amazing view was being an idiot and I just can’t deal with stupid people.

This apartment had a landlord that was willing to get everything I asked and then some. So I asked away and she agreed. COOL!!! Good for me. Good for you. Xie Xie.


SO I have a 4 bedroom. 2 bath apartment. TVs in 3 of the 4 bedrooms. The fourth bedroom is big enough (or small enough depends on how you wanna look at) to be an office and that is what it will be. Elise has an extra bedroom that will be her playroom. we have enough space to do what we need without driving each other crazy.


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