First week of school

Day 1

Reduced schedule

Kids came in today from 9:00 to 11:30. THE BEST THING EVER. I wasn’t tired when I got home. We were able to get things done, see where the kids were and it was pretty chill.
My class: I have a total of 13 kids. One child will be on leave until December (I legit have no words for this one) I have more boys than girls. I am sure all my girls speak English my boys hung out with  each other so I do not know how many of them speak English. I share my class with a co-teacher and teacher trainee. I have a pod partner and we share a space with our kids. So essential we can team up with our kids and teach one big giant lesson or the whole KG2 team can team up and teach one big lesson.

Day 2

Reduced schedule again

I’m still claiming the best thing ever. We got so much done as a team and I got things done as a person. All my girls speak English and my boys understand English but will respond to me in Chinese. Okay that’s fine. I know what I have to work on.


Day 3

First full day with the kids. Oh how I have missed nap time. I only have one child who’s parents do not want him to sleep. Okay quiet activities for him. Here read this book and don’t bother those that are sleeping and don’t make no noise. I got work I can be doing. We eat lunch with the kids. This is one thing about kindergarten, we do not leave our area much during the day. Once we all get settled this should change or I will go stir crazy looking at the same area ALL DAY long. Another bonus we have 2 snacks and go outside twice, technically three times. With 3 teachers we each teach one lesson a day. AWESOMENESS!!!!!

Day 4

Got to leave early today to do what needs to be done for my residence permit. Look score another win for me.

Day 5

okay straight lost my shit today around 2:30. We got a last minute email stating xyz had to be done and sent home via email by 5:00pm. There are not enough memes to describe this nonsense. The whole school was involved in a CCA (co-curricular activity) Fair. Basically these are the extra curricular activities that will be offered this term and will be run by ALL the teachers. So 3:30 we needed to be in the Sports Hall (GYM)…. you see where I’m going with this right. So a few of us sat down and completed said document and got it finished. Some of us made the deadline some of us did not. It was by far the most frustrating thing that has happened.

Here’s the beautiful thing about working at a brand new school or working in general there are some hurdles you just can’t prepare for. Our parent communication system was to supposed to be up and running by now and all this would have not been an issue. However since it is not up and running documents have to be created to communicate with the parents who want to know what’s going on with the school and their child. I get it, I am a parent but my kid is 10 so somethings I just don’t focus on like I did when she was 5.

Bonus: my kids are ready to rock and roll. We can legit hit the ground running on Monday. They are ready to learn and have fallen into the routine. Which is super amazing. Even with all the hurdles this has been an amazing start to the school year. I have not gone home exhausted and ready to sleep from herding cats. I am exhausted because the days are long. I get home around 5. Which Kuwait had me spoiled. I was home by 3:16pm. The school day does not start until 8:45 but these kids roll up in here at 8:10 can we say free play until 8:45. I do morning meeting in English until 9:30 then we go outside for about 45 minutes. Come inside clean up and get snack. After snack they have their Chinese lesson. Clean up and have lunch. After lunch is rest time for an hour. Wake up they either do an activity, go outside, clean up and have snack. We have specials or an end of the day wrap BAM go home. It’s an “easy” work schedule it’s just I’m in the classroom ALL DAY. It’s only 12 kids so we have the opportunity to get TONS accomplished. I am excited for what the school year holds and to see how much they grow and learn.

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