Let me explain

Let me explain again why I have no immediate plans to return stateside


My new school requires an hour of rest time…you ain’t gotta sleep but you gotta be quiet which means 95% of kids fall asleep anyways. They have cots, a nap area/pod, nap music, lights out, blankets and all. Yeah you going to sleep.

2. 90 minutes of outside play/inquiry

I haven’t seen this much dedicated to outside time expect in a research article. At best I’ve had 15 minutes.

3. 2 snacks and at least 30 minutes for lunch

Let me explain this lunch thing. I had 30 minutes for lunch but that included walking to the cafeteria, standing in line and walking back from the cafeteria. Which left the kids maybe 15 minutes to eat and really what are you eating and disgusting in 15 minutes. 2 snacks is amazing because kids play and get hungry and let’s face most kids don’t eat breakfast and lord knows when dinner will happen.

3. I have 2 additional teachers in the classroom

Wait, what 3 teachers in one classroom.

4. My class size will never go over 15.

So that’s 3 teachers and 15 kids….I am currently at 13 kids and one is on vacation until after December break. So its 12 kids. Do you know what I can do with that? Do you understand how much individualized attention and differentiation we can do.

5. I work with educators and just adults who speak English looking for a job.

This alone will keep me at my current school. I almost, nope I did, I lost my shit last year dealing with people who did not understand how NOT to teach using the curriculum and the importance of small group instruction.

6. I get planning time

I cannot stress the importance of doing your work at work. I have a child when I get home and I cannot sacrifice time with her to do work.

7. I am trusted and supported to do my job.

8. Let’s revisit the small class size and 3 teachers

We legit did nothing small groups one day. Each teacher had a table and we pulled kids to do an activity. We didn’t do large group until the end of the day. It was the best thing ever.

9. I have finally figured out the work life balance. I don’t feel overwhelmed like I did when school first started. I have found my groove and the kids are happy. I am happy.

10. Its a nice happy medium between Kuwait and the states. They take education serious without all the extra. I could stay in kindergarten a little longer with this setup.

2 thoughts on “Let me explain

  1. Sherrill says:

    Goodness listening to you takk marked me want to go back to teaching and come abroad. Why couldn’t you have faking this sooner so then I could have come too. Lol. Sounds like you are doing an amazing job.


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