I made the switch

When I moved abroad it was highly common and popular to have two phones. Your American phone and your local phone.

After a while this became a pain. I mean really why put myself through this. I had a dual SIM Samsung but I didn’t like it and it was a downgrade from my current Samsung S9. So when I traveled I would get a local SIM and essentially I had 3 numbers, again was it really necessary?

Then I moved to China where EVERYTHING is blocked and monitored. Here’s where having a Samsung became a pain in the ass.

So I had to do some research on Apple and iPhones. I have a MacBook . Elise has an iPad but I LOVE my Samsung. I am loyal to Samsung. Even have a Samsung watch and Samsung wireless earbuds. I would buy stock in Samsung. I even bought a Samsung TV once.

iPhones are internationally friendly meaning who hasn’t spotted an Apple store when traveling? iPhones can sync across devices I already have a MacBook. I prefer iPads to Samsung tablets so maybe just maybe I will like an iPhone. So I booked a flight to Hong Kong to get a real iPhone not the blocked up Chinese version. I settled on the iPhone XR because it comes with a dual SIM slot. The other iPhone XR have a dual SIM but one is an e-chip and I can’t risk that not working when I travel or where I live.

I popped my T-Mobile SIM inside and BAM it works. I waited until I returned to China to put my Chinese SIM inside. BAM it worked

So I’ve been using the iPhone XR since December. It’s now February

*update it’s March*

I still don’t get the hoopla about iPhone. It’s a phone.

Yes it syncs across all my devices.

I enjoy the use of two SIM cards and only having one phone.

Honestly if you travel a lot and ever cross into China I would suggest getting an iPhone.

There are things I like and things I don’t.

I miss swiping my fingers across the keep board to type.

I miss being able to customize my ringtones and notifications. Somethings are just set to default and there is nothing I can do about it.

I miss the silly filters on my camera.

I miss not having a home button

I like the Face ID

I do like I don’t always need to have my special blocker on to access normal things like Facebook. It will move slowly so I just turn it and save myself the headache.

I do feel like there are more app options because most people create apps for iPhone before droid.

Apple maps translates nicely into English

I do like my notifications flashing across the screen and I can swipe down and not leave my current app

Never used a lot the functions on Samsung to miss them. I think I used the multi screen option twice.

I do like the syncing option across devices

I do like the Bitmoji

A phone is a phone if you ask me. Maybe an iPhone user can tell me the difference. I will more than likely get an Apple Watch but I like my Fitbit and really just want to track my steps. Not really concerned about the rest of things.

As long as my phone works and I’m not stuck without access to the rest of the world I’m good.

would I be in a rush to upgrade when a new one comes out? Doubtful

I’m still team Samsung but for now I have an iPhone.

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