Educators vs. Teachers

I’m going on rant. I’m stepping up on my soapbox and I’m gonna holla and shout at a whole bunch of people.

Let me start by saying this:

I am a certified teacher. I went to college for 4 years to get my undergrad degree in Early Childhood Education. I then went BACK to school and obtained my graduate degree in Elementary Reading and Literacy. I have also started graduate degree number two Teaching English Language Learners. I took the Praxis exam to become a certified teacher. I have the debt to prove it. I have the knowledge to prove it. I have teaching certification to prove it. I have the degrees to prove it.


Obtaining a TEFL or anything that you can get off Groupon for 120 credit hours does not put you in my league.

We are not on the same level.

Now I am not negating the fact that there are some amazing teachers who are open-minded and willing to put in the work to be a teacher as a second career choice.

But (yes I started a sentence with but) what is pissing me off and many in my profession, YES TEACHING IS A PROFESSION, are these people who see teachers teaching internationally making loads of money wanting to jump on some bandwagon.

Have a seat boo-boo and let me educate you for a moment.

Teachers teach from a script or the TE only. If you don’t know what a TE is, then I’m talking to you.

Educators don’t even know where their TE is located. We check it out at the beginning of the school year and maybe flip through it ONCE and we won’t see that bad boy again until it’s time turn it in at the end of the year.

Teachers do not know how to collaborate with educators because they have no clue what they are doing and never add anything of value to a collaboration meeting.

Educators collaborate with effective research and resources. We learn from each other. We ask questions that make sense and make our classroom better as well as our students.

Teachers have no classroom management

Educators have classroom management. We understand the importance of those first 6 weeks of school. If we don’t make those bonds and set those ground rules from hello, our class will be a nightmare

Teachers piss off educators at every meeting because they are the reason for the meeting. We are tired of sitting through a boring meeting that could have been put in an email and boring PDs because you weren’t properly trained and you are messing things up.

Teachers don’t care about the students, they care more about the money (this is more of the international market)

Educators get better benefit packages and teachers get mad. Boo, I went to school for this and have the experience and degrees to prove my worth, sit down and take notes.

Teachers don’t know the million acronyms

Educators can quote the acronyms in their sleep.

Teachers do not differentiate their lessons and don’t do small group instruction. Teachers do more lecturing and teacher-led instruction. Teachers want to put and keep children in a box. If a child does not fit into that box, they do not know what to do and that child becomes a problem.

Educators know that whole group instruction is a waste and small instruction is where learning takes place. Educators know how to differentiate their instruction to reach the majority of their class.

Educators don’t rely on TPT, we use it as a resource to supplement our lessons. And really why reinvent the wheel. If someone has done the exact thing we want to do, here take my money.

Educators are life long learners. We actually seek out PDs that will benefit us. We reflect on what worked and what tanked. We know when to abandon a lesson. We sit down and reflect on the day, the week, the school year. We are constantly trying to do better and be better.

Parents trust educators. Parents prefer educators.

Educators prefer working with other educators.

I have CPR and first aid training, can I go be a doctor or a nurse? NOPE.

Even to own a franchise you need some kind of financial sense.

Any given trade requires training.

Any job requires a certain level of training.

So before you jump on this bandwagon, ask yourself this Would you want your child in your class? Really truly are you providing children the best education possible. Are you really giving them the skills to learn and comprehend English? You CANNOT memorize the English language nor can you comprehend the English language through memorization.

So stop getting made at the requirements to come to teach abroad. Parents are getting fed up. The governments are getting fed up. Educators are getting fed up. We all are fed up with the botched up job you are doing to the students and we gotta fix them. This also applies to those teachers stateside. Do not get comfortable. Remember the reason you got into teaching. If you are no longer an educator, please leave. If you are not advocating for all students, leave.

Can you remember your worst teacher? Are you being a bad teacher for a child in your class? Can you remember your best teacher? Are you being the best teacher for a child in your class?

Are you abreast on the current research?

Do you know to reach all students in your classroom?

Do you understand child development and appropriate practices?

Do you know what active learning means? Do you know what active learning looks like?

I will end with this: if you truly have a passion for education and teaching continue to develop yourself and get the proper training.

Be reflective and check yourself. Be honest. Are you a teacher or an educator?

We want people out here educating children properly.

We have already seen how far stupidity can take us, let’s not make it worse.

Our children are our future. What kind of future do you want?

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