Daith Piercing


I remember being in the 7th grade with a migraine. Didn’t know that pain had a name. I remember being in the library at school with my head on the table crying my eyes out because of the pain. EVERYTHING hurt. NOTHING helped. NOBODY knew how to help me.

Finally at 16 I remember being on a field trip with my aunt’s daycare and throwing up. Figured it was the McDonald’s I had. Went home and brushed it off. Went for my annual vision exam. Someone hung was amiss. I was sent downtown to MUSC. This can’t be good. I had a field vision test and something else. Results came back…

I had spinal fluid build up pressing in the back of my eyes causing these massive migraines.

Okay now what.

Well we are going to drain the fluid.


It’s called a spinal tap. I get an epidural and they get to draining. I remember my aunt being there she worked as a nurse at MUSC. Maybe my mama came down. Don’t really remember. I remember laying in my side facing the wall trying to be as still as possible and as relaxed as possible while they stuck this needle in my back to numb me and stuck another needle in my back to drain the fluid.

Got some meds and went home after the procedure. Okay so my mama was there I couldn’t drive myself back home after that.

For about two good years I had regular headaches.

My mama shared she had headaches up until she was pregnant with me. Look having a baby ain’t the logically sound solution here. Even when I did get pregnant guess who still had headaches.

I continued to have headaches and they continued to monitor the fluid.

At some point in my life I heard of this ear piercing that was supposed to help with headaches. I’ve got 6 holes I was done with piercing my ears and besides it looked like it hurt. So I put that to far back if my mind.

Then one random day in January 2020 I messaged this lady and asked if she did daith piercings even showed her a picture.

Yes we do and we are running a special until the 20th.

Do you have an appointment for Sunday


Okay see you then

I had a head time locating her but I had to pay in advance so I was gonna find it so help me God. Anyways. I get up to her place and I’m nervous as hell. I was ready to tell her never mind. I even had a headache. I get car sick often. The motion kills me. I remember being car sick as child whenever my dad drove, which was always. So as o got older and living abroad where I rely on taxis I get car sick. Headache nausea I hate it. My last cruise I was sea sick and had to hunt down some Dramamine to survive. Taking off and landing on planes are miserable for me. I keep peppermint oil and gum to help settle my stomach. I keep a supply of headache medicine. Excedrin is about the only thing that works.

I remember when I first got my glasses in 2nd grade having a headache and going to the local fair with that same headache. Miserable.

Back to the story.

She cleans my ear. Squeezes my ear. Sticks my ear and says done.

The hell. She cleans it again until it stops bleeding. Yes it will bleed. She says clean it with sodium. Basically salt water and don’t change it for a month.

It could have been physiological but I swear my headache went away. My ear was sore but that was it. The cold wind hit outside and I almost buckled.

Went to work on Monday. Now to test this cause I can tell you by 10:00 I have a headache.

Went a whole week with no headache.

Got into a taxi no headache.

Rode in a taxi through the mountains of Bali, no headache. I did almost vomit but no headache.

Airplane ride, no headache.

I don’t even have shoulder pain anymore.

Best decision of my life.

If you suffer from headaches I say give it a try. You can always take it out. But I’m a believer.

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