Black Lives Matter

In the midst of a global pandemic, black people in America are facing their own pandemic…. racism, inequality, social injustice, systematic oppression. 400 years and 10 months worth of oppression.

My great grandmother was a slave. That’s 3 generations ago.

It’s 2020 and we are STILL fighting for equality.

We have watched and listened. We have silently protested. We have held in our anger. We have held in our rage. We have worn our masks to make folks comfortable while making ourselves uncomfortable. We are tired. George Floyd was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

What makes George Floyd so different? Why now? Whelp white america couldn’t justify his murder. He complied. He was in handcuffs. He was laying face down. There wasn’t a call for well what happened before. What did he do prompt this. NOT A DAMN THING. America watched for 10 TEN MINUTES while this murderer had his knee on his neck. George Floyd died around 3-4 minutes into the video but this filthy murderer kept his knee on his neck.

We have been telling white america for YEARS!!!!! DECADES!!!!! 400 years that the system is damaged. Black people know the system ain’t made for us. But NOW 400 years later you see how it ain’t made for us.

We have to pass laws to not be discriminated for NATURAL hair. The way our hair grows out of scalp makes white america uncomfortable to the point it not deemed professional. So we DAMAGED our hair to make you comfortable and now we have had enough but NO you keep trying to buy us back in YOUR comfort zone by banning hair styles that we have to protect our NATURAL hair.

Then you have the privilege to say ALL LIVES MATTER as a response to BLACK LOVES MATTER!!!!!!!

How dare you diminish the issue. How dare you ignore and continue to avoid the issue. You are part of the problem.

If all lives mattered we would not need a movement to specify BLACK LIVES MATTER. There is no need for a movement if there is not a problem. To not address the problem doesn’t make it disappear. 400 YEARS!!!!!! We’ve been silent, hoping and praying for better. Voting for better. Demanding peacefully for better. Boycotting for better. Not enough has changed.

The system hands us crumbs to shut us up but it’s not enough. We want the same treated as white people. We want what we deserve as humans. Nobody told you to come and STEAL us from our home to create your home on land you STOLE and then treat us like we aren’t even human. Hell we weren’t even human for 246 years we were property. Then we were 3/5 of a person. For 400 years we have been oppressed and enough is enough. So don’t tell me all lives matter when my black life does not matter to the land of free and home of the brave.

Cause this shouldn’t even be a thing we have to explain

While I’m here for you educators check your beliefs and your attitudes towards OUR children. When you don’t acknowledge them and you don’t celebrate them you are causing psychological harm to them. When they come home we as parents gotta undone the damage you did when we trusted you with our child for 6-7 hours a day. When there aren’t books in your classroom that represent our black and brown children you are causing psychological harm. Don’t sit in there and pity our children because you don’t understand their culture. Don’t sit and post about them on social media shaming parents. You go home clear on the other side of town. Your students don’t ever see you outside of school in their community. However for the 6-7 hours you have them you are leaving a mark on their lives. Are you doing your due justice by providing OUR black and brown an effective education. Or are you at that Title 1 school to have your student loans forgiven and then you bounce after you’ve damaged our children? Are you educating yourself about how to effectively educate OUR children?

Our children are not some damn service product. Get to truly know the students you teach. Stop labeling our children. Stop being so quick to diagnosis them with something because they think different and learn differently. It’s called DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION!!!!! Stop putting our children boxes. Little black boys can be more than athletes. Little black girls can be more than mothers.

While I’m here Martin Luther King jr. and Rosa Parks were not the only people involved with civil rights. Harriet Tubman was not the only slave. Stop learning black history that makes you comfortable. Learn about ALL the things we as black people have done and continue to and don’t always get credit for. Imagine what your lives would be like if we took all our inventions away? If we gotta learn about the Holocaust and all of the damn white history, you can take a moment to learn about BLACK HISTORY!!!!

We are not okay. We are done dying. We can’t breathe. Get your knee off our necks. Say their names. Black lives matter. This more than a movement this is revolution.

If you don’t know what to say to us, then say you don’t know what to say.

This list should not be this long. Say their names.

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