Are you uncomfortable yet? GOOD. When you are uncomfortable you look for solutions. When you are uncomfortable to want to make things better.

Black people have been uncomfortable for 400 YEARS!!!!! We have been fighting for our right since we were slaves. We have been fighting for justice since slavery.

How on earth do you go over to a foreign land and STEAL people????? Not only do you steal them, you strip them naked and sell on the slave block like cattle. You sell human beings!!! Let that sink in. Nothing about slavery was happy and joyous for black people. There have been enough movies and books about this that portray this INHUMANE treatment. You separate families. You rape our women and get them pregnant and you are nice enough to put your offspring to work for you in the big house never acknowledging that is your whole ass child. You beat us for running away. You tell us we are not your equal. You tell us we are not human but PROPERTY. You attempt to beat us into submission and oppress us with your lies. You made us take your names because our names were too hard to pronounce or didn’t make sense to you. Some of us, most of us cannot even trace our families because you didn’t keep accurate records and you changed our names. We don’t even know our own damn history because you stole us and re-wrote our history to make yourselves comfortable.

You went to WAR to keep comfort. You went to WAR when you were made to feel comfortable and people called bullshit on slavery and told you it’s INHUMANE. You divided a whole nation because you were uncomfortable. You divide a nation that was built on the back of stolen people on a land that you stole. You did not take the time to understand people who do not look and act like you. You called them savages and told them their culture and way of life was inappropriate.

You see the correlation yet? Are you uncomfortable yet?

Then you lost the WAR and were set “free” with nothing!! Free to do what live like normal folks? How? You told us not read and write? You stripped us of native language and culture. We went out into this world YOU created and were not treated fairly or equally. You saw a slave. You saw an ignorant person not worthy. We were worthy enough to be your maids and take care of your children. We were worthy enough to be your chef and cook your meals. We were worthy enough to wash your dirty clothes. We were worthy enough to keep your yard neat. We were worthy enough to do the domestic work. We were worthy enough to do the work you did not feel worthy enough to do yourself. So we took your crumbs but underneath that mask we couldn’t breathe. We began to educate ourselves. We taught ourselves how to read and write. We learned about your constitution that wasn’t written for us but we wanted the same rights. We were granted the right to vote but actually being able to vote became a challenge and remains a challenge today with voter suppression. You keep giving crumbs and get mad when we choke or ask for more.

We educated ourselves and we bettered ourselves. We were doing good. Life was looking up for us then here come Jim Crow laws. Are you serious????? Purposeful systemic oppression because you were uncomfortable with our gains in the world.

Jim Crow laws were a collection of state and local statutes that legalized racial segregation. Named after a black minstrel show character, the laws—which existed for about 100 years, from the post-Civil War era until 1968—were meant to marginalize African Americans by denying them the right to vote, hold jobs, get an education or other opportunities. Those who attempted to defy Jim Crow laws often faced arrest, fines, jail sentences, violence and death (

246 years of slavery wasn’t enough. You added another 100 years of oppression. 346 years of systematic oppression.

The legal system was stacked against black citizens, with former Confederate soldiers working as police and judges, making it difficult for African Americans to win court cases and ensuring they were subject to black codes. (

Enter the KKK. WHITE PEOPLE violence. WHITE PEOPLE protesting. WHITE PEOPLE vandalizing. WHITE PEOPLE keeping us in the box they are comfortable with. How dare we educate ourselves. How dare we try to be human beings. How dare we make white people uncomfortable. How dare we rise out of ashes like a phoenix. How dare we ask for what every other human is allowed to have. We have the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT to end segregation. We have the VOTING RIGHTS ACT to allow us the right to vote without hinderance. We have the FAIR HOUSING ACT to allow to rent and buy homes without discrimination.

But at what point do the minds of people change and become okay with black people being treated fairly. We didn’t ask to be here. We follow the rules, cross our T’s and dot our I’s. We wear a mask to make you comfortable all the while you have your knee on our neck and we can’t breathe. We take one step forward in the right direction to be accepted in this country that you STOLE and STOLE us to build this land and you keep creating rules, laws, and systems to keep us oppressed.

You told us to straighten our hair to make you comfortable. We did by damaging our hair to the point it made us physically sick. You told us we were too dark and some of us bleached our skin. We dressed in a manner that made you comfortable. We spoke in a manner that made you comfortable. We lived in houses that made you comfortable. We wore our mask to make you comfortable with your knee on our neck and not breathing. We played your games and danced your dances. Being an athlete makes you comfortable. You have no problem cheering for us as we win your games and play your sport. We can act in movies and TV shows as long at content makes you comfortable. We have limited our abilities and skills to make you comfortable. After a while that mask became heavy. After a while we couldn’t hide the fact that we are uncomfortable in the skin we are in to make you uncomfortable. After a while we got tired and those bread crumbs you were handing out was not enough.

You need to be uncomfortable. You need to confront your prejudices and stereotypes and racisms. You need to see the flawed systematic oppression that we are experiencing. You need to check your privilege. You need to hold yourself accountable for the silent role you have played. To be silent means you have indirectly taken a side. When folks didn’t vote that nonvote went to the other person. It is the same concept. When you are silent you are agreeing with the other side.

To understand the anger and frustration and rage, you are going to be uncomfortable looking at the reason. When a people are anger they react to the final straw. We didn’t just wake up angry. This is years of built up anger. This is about 400 YEARS!!!!! Check the history that you didn’t learn in school. Schools won’t teach you 400 years of oppression because that makes it uncomfortable and they have to keep us in the box to stay comfortable.

It is time to be uncomfortable. It time to tackle the systematic oppression We aren’t here to comfort you or make this comfortable for you. We are taking our masks off. Either you are with us or not. No more sugar coating the injustice. No more taking crumbs. It’s time to have some hard and uncomfortable conversations . Are you willing to listen and comprehend? Are you uncomfortable enough to make a change? We cannot and will not go back to how things were. 400 years is enough.

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