First week of school

As teachers we have been the brunt of ALL things wrong in education. We understand and know that we make NOT ONE decision. When they hold those board meetings and make decisions…do you see a current teacher represented? NOPE! How many of those board members are even educators? How many have children in the district at a low performing school or a Title 1 school? How much money does your superintendent make? Teachers are NOT to blame for what is happening in education. We are merely pawns. We are trying to make the best out of a horrible situation and we are tired.
Now with that said let me tell you who is really to blame: FAMILIES!!!!

Parents this falls on you. If you are not supporting your child at home this is for you.

You cannot expect teachers to do EVERYTHING!

Teachers should not be expected to do EVERYTHING!!

Children should NOT ever come into an elementary school classroom not knowing ANYTHING. Families are fussing and hollering about masks and CRT…SHUT UP!!!! If you do not have that same energy about classroom sizes, mold in buildings, curriculums that are outdated or not researched based, teachers buying their OWN supplies and resources, underfunded schools and classrooms, rezoning districts to keep money in the richer areas and keep the poorer schools poor…then SHUT UP!!!! If you are not advocating for more resource teachers such as ESOL and SPED and counselors….SHUT UP!!! If you have not thanked a teacher or joined the PTA or ensured your child has books at home…SHUT UP!!!

Every year we have children come into our classrooms knowing less and less. We have children who are not capable of following rules or understanding consequences. We have children who lack fine motor skills like holding a pencil to even access the curriculum. If your child cannot hold a pencil, they cannot write and guess what we write in school full blown sentences. Tablets are great but so are crayons, markers, pencils and regular paper. Tearing paper great for fine motor. Cutting with scissors great for fine motor. Your six year old should not fist grasp their pencil. Your seven year old should know how to write their name. For Pete’s sake they should at the very least say the alphabet to know how to find a letter. They should at the very least count to ten. Hell they have ten fingers and ten toes. Exposure is key. If you child comes to elementary school with NOTHING but game knowledge, sorry folks your kid is the low kid.

There are so many resources out here at your disposal as parents enough is enough. I am no longer here for the excuses.

I am not Jesus to be performing miracles every school year. It is exhausting. Our job is getting harder and harder every year because of the demands from families, the district, the state, the nation….see how I have named the adults. Our students come to us wanting us whole and ready and by day 5 I am pouring from an empty cup. My cup was empty day 3 if I’m being honest.

Help us help you help your child.

Teach them their real name…day 1 we do not always know the nickname or even the preferred name.

Teach them to recognize their name…we label everything so they know where their personal belongings go.

Teach them how they will go home….dismissal is a madhouse first day of school and the more your child knows the better.

Teach them the rules of conversation….when someone is talking you are quiet to listen….when you are talking we are quiet so we can listen

Teach them to count and recognize their numbers….when my math curriculum says write they need to know how to write

Teach them their alphabet and recognize the letters in the alphabet….the more they know the better

Read. Read. Read. Just expose them to books for Pete’s Sake the library is free.

If we have to teach academics and social skills. Life skills. We might as well claim them on out taxes. We fed them and keep extra food to make sure they are not hungry. We keep extra hats, jackets, clothes because guess what some kids are not dressed properly. Only thing missing from schools are beds and showers.

Help us. Help you. Help your child.

There is a teacher shortage and pay is not the only reason.

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