Week 1…Cairo Edition

First our flight was delayed. Turkish Airlines highly recommend. Seats were comfortable for economy. We lucked up and had the entire row to ourselves so we got to stretch out and not worry about someone beside us plus I didn’t have to sit squished in the middle seat. We were served dinner and a morning breakfast. Now that sit and think about it we did not get a snack. They provided us with a blanket, headphones, and overnight bag with compression socks, eye mask, toothbrush, toothpaste, and slippers. All items were sealed in a bag so you know that you were the first person to use it. You could also take it with you. I should have taken the blanket and headphones but were needed to catch our connecting flight. Landed and had to get to my connecting flight. Good thing they hold flights until the previous flight lands and gets situated. This made nervous that my bags would not make it Cairo. However all 11 bags made it.

Don’t ask me what time we landed. I can’t even begin to remember to tell you. Got SIM cards…two cards 27GB for $22…did you hear me TWO SIM CARDS for $22.
Grabbed some cash for tips visited Duty Free but opted not to get anything. Apparently you are only allowed ONE bottle per passport.
Arrived at our hotel got settled in took a shower and ordered room service.

Room service: $26

We landed on Elise’s birthday. I asked if I could have some cupcakes. They delivered cupcakes. Went above and beyond expectations. These cupcakes cost me 200 Egyptian pounds which equals to about $10.45

Day 1:

apartment hunting and bank setup. I saw like 6 apartments. I liked 3 but was leaning towards one of them. I just could not settle on it. So I did not pick.

Welcome basket from the school.

Apartments were all two bedrooms and at least one full bath and a half bath. Fully furnished. Utilities included. Don’t asked me about square feet. Rent is ranging from $620-780. This is the apartment I am leaning towards.

Other apartments I looked at

Day 2:

apartment hunting we picked a place

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