Where in the world?

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
Genesis 1:1 NKJV


South Carolina born and raised.
High school I wanted to leave and never look back. Well joke was on me. Went of to NC three hours away and lasted one semester. Cried to come back home. I was not bout this life.
Went back home. Got a job and went to the local community college. I was wondering around aimlessly. I knew this wasn’t it for me but I had no idea what I was doing. Somewhere along the line I got the idea to move an hour and half up the road. I was still in SC but I was able to flex my wings and this time I was 25 and not 18. Life happened got pregnant came back home. I felt suffocated. I was not meant to live and die in SC. Fast forward to 2014 one month before my 33 birthday.


Yep moved all way to MD. Never thought about MD. Wanted NC but the way the education system is setup in that state I couldn’t do it and survive as a single parent. Thought about VA. Saw myself in VA beach my supervisor was from there talked about going back. Filled the application. But first year teachers have it tough securing a job. Then my cousin’s sister in law told me about MD. Came up for a recruitment fair and BAM packed my kid up and moved.
I was still unsettled. I wanted more. MD was not my end spot. I looked at overseas but how could I? I’m a single parent. I’m a teacher. Are you crazy? I buried the thought. I became afraid of leaving everything and everyone. First year of teaching I cried more than I smiled. Left public school took a pay cut went to private school. I smiled more than I cried.
Still wasn’t settled. Something kept nagging at me.


Yep. August 2016 I’m moving to Kuwait. It was not on my map of places to teach.
Really have seen where it’s located


Yep smack dab in the middle of Iraq and Iran. UGH! So I had to research not just for myself but so I could answer the questions I knew would come my way. For what’s it’s worth it’s pretty doggone safe. It will be a culture shock. But hey anything outside of the US will be.


I prefer to focus on the positives cause Lord knows negative thinking will kill ya. Yes I’m scared but I’m more excited than scared. I’m not letting the fact that I’m a single parent or a teacher hold me hostage. I serve a God who said if I have a faith of a mustard seed I can move mountains. I’m trusting God to guide me through this journey and my life.

2 thoughts on “Where in the world?

  1. Jennifer Leach says:

    I’ve said the same thing, God didn’t intend for me to be born and die in the same place (New Jersey). I’m so ready for the journey! For so long I’ve merely existed but I’m so ready to “live.” I can’t wait to explore and travel. The UAE is only my first stop, I’m already researching where I want to go next and I haven’t even made it there yet. Lol! Can’t wait to read more on your arrival in Kuwait!


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