Something so simple


A while back a simple post was made in one the Facebook groups I am in about a key chain.
It was something along the lines of new beginnings……Okay I went and looked it up and here is the direct quote

It just occurred to me that when I board the plane, I will not be taking any keys with me, so I just bought a new key chain to open all of the new doors I will get to open (literally and figuratively).

I went on a key chain hunt. I wanted something that spoke to me and remind me of home. I am from South Carolina but I live in Maryland. So that got me thinking and making this key chain idea more compliacted. How else can I start my new chapter and have my daughter share the experience and make it our own little family tradition…….
So while I’m looking for a key chain I thought of a charm bracelet.
What better way to show and share your experience. To be able to look down at your wrist and have memories jogged by a simple charm. To look at your wrist and smile or cry or get mad. To say hey I remember when I got this charm and have a story to tell that captivates your audience.
I have always wanted one and I wanted to get one for my daughter when she turned 5. Well here we are and neither one of us have one yet.
I will purchase us each a charm bracelet to begin our new chapter in life and add charms that speak to us while we travel and learn this great big Planet called Earth.
I want each of out charms to have a story. I want her and I both to start a journal. My blog had become mine of sorts but I will purchase us a travel journal of sorts to express ourselves.
I want our story to be passed down to generation to generation.


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